Letters to the Editor

From the week of January 5

Amber Kaufman

I am writing in regard to John Stefanowicz's letter about Pearl Jam. Who in the hell died and made him the judge of what dance to do to what music? Dance is an art, a freedom to express yourself to the music. Whether you mosh or slam dance to Beethoven or Ministry is your own preference. There is no need to slam people who mosh to Pearl Jam, because if that is how the music affects you, then more power to you. Pearl Jam is a great band with a very talented songwriter. If you ever just sit and listen to the lyrics of the music, you will see and hear why moshing is the dance of choice. As the saying goes, to each his own.

Lisa Briles
Wheat Ridge

For the Record
Congratulations to Michael Roberts and his best of 1993 music list, "For Your Pleasure," in the December 29 issue. The article is simply outstanding! He had the integrity to list only good albums that deserved to be heard. There's not a bad title among them, and I was inspired to buy three more! Quite a change from the popularity-contest music lists that most big music magazines run.

Of course you'll get some angry letters from morons upset that Pearl Jam and U2 aren't listed. To them I say throw out your flannel shirts, turn off KTCL and KBCO, go to your nearest independent record store and find some good music that isn't on the alternative bandwagon (like Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth, one Michael missed). Either that, or lock yourself in a closet with the Stone Temple Pilots CD on infinite repeat, so when you finally emerge, you can be an alternative-scene correspondent for Rolling Stone! Thanks again, Mike!

Daven Anderson

What's Old Is Nuke
Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Happy Nuke Year" in the December 29 issue: If there's one reason to be happy this year, it's that we have 52 new issues of Westword to look forward to. Congratulations to Calhoun and crew on the continuing coverage of Rocky Flats, especially the story in Newsweek. Here's to more in '94.

Lee Samuels

I was reading in your paper about how it took 36 people to replace a light bulb at Rocky Flats. There was the time I worked at Wendy's and the supervisor asked, "Do you know how to screw a light bulb?" I laughed and turned away. She came running back where I was working and asked, "Why did you laugh when I asked if you knew how to screw a light bulb?" I said, "Lady, 67 years of my life, and I have never learned how to screw a light bulb." She got down in the middle of the floor and was rolling around all over. I said, "What's the matter?" She said, "You kill me." I said, "No, you would have killed me if the light bulb was broke."

Christopher Johnson

Phew! What's that rotten E.G.G. smell? Here's my suggestion for the correct name for the Plutocrats' Plutonium Pollution Plot: Raunchy Farts.

Wes Steessi

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