Monday January 24 Paisan to paisan: In case you didn't know, film hounds, Boulder boasts more than one excellent film series and they're not all on the CU campus. The Boulder Public Library highlights its series this winter with Italian Realism and Beyond, an exploration of the neorealist Italian cinema featuring ground-breaking and heartwarming films like tonight's opener, La Terra Trema. Future screenings, continuing on Monday evenings through February 28, include Open City, Paisan, The Bicycle Thief and Miracle in Milan. All programs begin at 7:30 p.m., and get this--they're absolutely free. The library auditorium is in Boulder at 1000 Canyon Blvd.; for information about these and other films shown, call 441-3197.

Tuesday January 25 Rockette and roll: In terms of pure entertainment, nobody ever did it better than the Radio City Music Hall, home of the piston-legged Rockettes--the undisputed chorus line of all chorus lines. All show biz, these ladies are still kicking up those legs, miles of legs, in the Great Radio City Music Hall Spectacular, a collection of classic dance routines, from "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers," in which the gals fall domino-style, to "Dancing in Diamonds," a number gaudily costumed by sequinmeister Bob Mackey. And you'll not only get the Rockettes, but Susan Anton, too. The stage show comes to the Buell Theatre, 13th and Curtis, for eight performances only, beginning at 8 this evening and running through January 30. For a complete schedule of shows or to purchase tickets, $10 to $38, call 893-4100.

Pushing up tulips: It's not the most pleasant subject, but with doctor-assisted-suicide supporter Dr. Jack Kevorkian making national headlines on a regular basis, it's on people's minds. Tonight's installment of PBS's Frontline explores the difficult issues surrounding euthanasia in An Appointment With Death. The solemn yet informative program--which looks at the situation in Holland, where the practice has been condoned for twenty years, and includes interviews with Dutch doctors, patients and families--airs tonight at 9 on Channel 6.

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