Whether or not Mr. Higman has outlived the dynamic leadership and vision he brought to the conference, he surely should be commended for the masterly job he did for many years in bringing some of the most fascinating people to Boulder for a stimulating way to look at world affairs. I never felt that proper coverage was given to the extraordinary gathering of people that graced Boulder for many years. I was blessed to have had a part in it.

Carrol Oliver

Friend or Foe?
My amusement over the whole Ken Hamblin hullabaloo turned to bemusement upon reading Pat Desrosiers's tirade about "the truth" in the January 26 issue. The truth, indeed. The biggest problem I have with conservatives like Hamblin, Limbaugh, Desrosiers, et al., is that they are absolutely convinced that they have not only all the answers for their lives, but the answers for everyone else's lives as well.

Growing up in American society, I was presented with many a message that came with the label of "truth" only to find that, lo and behold, it had far more to do with indoctrination and socialization than with truth. A very liberal individual shared with me what I will forever hold as a pearl of wisdom in my quest for truth. Five simple words: "What is true for me?"

One of my personal truths is that I get to make all of my own choices and I get to live the consequences of those choices. I only know what life looks like through my eyes and I wouldn't presume to know what it looks like to someone else. All of my choices are based on that vision and nothing else.

In sum, how condescending it was of Ms./Mr. Desrosiers to refer to her/his readers as "my friends." I have many friends; however, Ms./Mr. Desrosiers is not one of them.

Mark Woods

Love Is the Final Lesson
Regarding Robin Chotzinoff's "Class Dismissed" in the January 5 issue:
About Hillary Adams...She was born on Valentine's Day, the day we dedicate to love. She was a gift to her family and to the many others who were blessed by her life, her love, her zest and her ability to have fun.

We cannot change that last year of Hillary's life. If the need for corrections has been uncovered by the tragedy of her death, let us use love as the power behind the actions we take. Let us remember how much she loved those she taught: the children, her many friends, her co-workers, her family.

Many, many people loved Hillary. I believe that her essence--which for me is love--continues with us, and that remembering how precious, how special she was will continue to enrich our lives. And so be it.

Patricia Adams, Hillary's mother

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