Best Driving Culture Tours
The Milagro Tours
Sponsored by KUVO, the public radio station with a special interest in Hispanic culture, these tours take a hands-on approach to travel. Participants drive their own cars in a caravan through the San Luis Valley into northern New Mexico and on down to Santa Fe, stopping along the way to learn a thing or two about the Hispanic influence on the history of the region. They're led for a $40 fee by a scholarly expert, who also throws in a bit of lore about native plants used in folk medicine. A car cassette deck is a must--part of the experience is on an audiotape that participants listen to while they drive. There are two weekend trips yearly; a new excursion to the Southern Ute reservation in Ignacio was added this year.

Best Walking Culture Tours
Downtown Denver History Walks
Metropolitan State College

Now you can burn off that pastrami sandwich while improving your mind. Metro on the Mall, a continuing education branch of Metropolitan State College, offers a series of walking tours each spring, taking class members to historical sites and archives. If that piques your fancy, try the architecture walks offered in the fall.

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