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Best Local Radio Talk-Show Host
Scott HastingsKTLK-AM 760 You don't have to be a jock to appreciate Scott Hastings, whose sports-talk show with Dave Logan provides some of the most lively conversation on the airwaves. The former Denver Nugget handles callers smoothly, knows his stuff and, most important, actually has a sense of humor about the games--that's games, sports fans--that he gets paid to talk about.

Readers' choice: Ken Hamblin

Best Name for a Local Radio Talk-Show Host
Bob HecklerKNUS-AM 710 You don't like Bob Heckler and his more-right-than-Rush worldview? Get a real job, pinko!

Best Crackpot Radio Guest
Stewart Webb
New World Order, congressional corruption, subversion, perversion, CIA, DIA--all plots thicken before your ears when your talk-radio dial lands on Stew Webb. Whether he's pontificating on Christian radio or conservative radio, everything fits together in a cosmic oneness. Webb's five-minute-long sentences may leave you wobbly, but at least you'll have figured out why the world is so screwed up.

Best Curbside Newspaper Vendor
Twyman Brown
Twyman Brown can be found practically every morning at Speer Boulevard and Auraria Parkway hawking the Rocky Mountain News, a handicap he overcomes with the force of his relentlessly upbeat personality. Rain or shine, Brown greets every driver he encounters with a wave, a hearty "good morning" and a broad smile, whether they're buying anything from him or not. And he's always willing to direct traffic if a tie-up develops.

Best Scoop
Air Jordan's retirement
Mike Monroe, Denver Post

Veteran Nuggets beat writer Mike Monroe is well connected in NBA circles, so when a former head coach ("Not Doug Moe," Monroe insists) tipped him two days before the bombshell that Michael Jordan was about to quit basketball, the reporter listened carefully. Quietly, he checked other sources (except for Chicago media types, of course). The next day NBA commissioner David Stern laughed when Monroe posed The Question via long distance. But the day after that, Bulls coach Phil Jackson wasn't laughing. Retirement story confirmed. Monroe filed his Jordan copy many hours before the cat jumped out of the bag at the White Sox playoff game. The Post leveraged credit for the scoop on the Associated Press wire but had to share it with two pretenders--the Chicago Sun-Times and NBA cash cow NBC. Monroe was the man, though.

Best Newspaper Feud
Woody "Fatboy" Paige vs. Norm "The Notes Clown" Clarke
Woody Paige and Norm Clarke, rival sports columnists for the Post and the News, just couldn't stop loathing each other, and it showed. Paige sniped at Clarke while Normie-boy--who coined his enemy's infamous "Fatboy" moniker during a confrontation with his rival around a California hotel pool some years back--did a slow burn. Readers could only sit back and enjoy the view.

Best Broadcast Feud
Bob Enyart vs. Mason Lewis
Bob Enyart, of KWHD-TV/Channel 53, promotes himself as television's only homophobic talk-show host. Mason Lewis is the openly gay news director at radio station KNUS. Enyart publicly charged Lewis with endangering fellow KNUS employees by inviting them to a staff picnic without telling them his lover had hepatitis. When Lewis's attorney fired off an angry letter, Enyart read it on the air, after first spraying it with disinfectant and removing it from a cage with a pair of surgical tongs. It's good to see media types working out their differences so professionally.

Best High-Brow Feud
Judith Albino vs. the Board of Regents
Is it a gender thing? A case of incompetence? A personality problem? No one really knows, but the dramatic--make that melodramatic--struggle between CU President Judith Albino and her detractors reached the bombastic proportions of a professional wrestling match. After all the hoopla, Albino still clings to her presidency--but a group of consultants hired by the regents says she should get the boot. Let's get ready to rrrrrumble!

Best Monument to a Feud
Thatcher Fountain
City Park

This beauty is said to have been the capper in a game of civic oneupsmanship between banker Joseph Addison Thatcher and fellow bank official Dennis Sullivan, himself responsible for the Sullivan Gateway looming off Colfax Avenue above East High's esplanade. Donated to the city in 1918 by Thatcher, who was reportedly engaged in a grandiose public sculpture competition with Sullivan, the neoclassical work by Lorado Taft is a triad of statues, each depicting an aspect of better character--learning, loyalty and love. Seventy-six years later, it's still a noble gesture.

Best Newly Dedicated Monument
The Dalton Trumbo Free Speech Fountain
University of Colorado-Boulder

Naming the fountain area on the Boulder campus after Dalton Trumbo, a Colorado native who attended CU in the Twenties, was an inspired idea. After all, the fountain has long been the preferred place in Boulder for speakers to rant and rave and harangue any and all who pass by. The late Trumbo, a free-speech advocate, novelist and blacklisted screenwriter, would approve.

Best Tabloid Trial
Crystal Cartier vs. Michael Jackson
This trial had everything: a superstar defendant fresh from settling a child molestation suit; a plaintiff who came to court in a tight, tight, tight black leather outfit that bulged as much as the eyes of those who saw it; a cranky judge who admitted knowing nothing about music; and a circus atmosphere of the sort seen far too infrequently in these parts. Michael Jackson's special guest appearance--made just prior to a ruling by the jury that the King of Pop had not stolen the song "Dangerous" from Denver songwriter Crystal Cartier--was the ideal capper for an exhibition that made The People's Court look like Masterpiece Theatre.

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