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Cut on the Bias
I liked Patricia Calhoun's June 15 column, "Smokin' in the Boy's Room." She has a point about the often biased reporting of the Rocky Mountain News. That newspaper hardly represents the community when the board of directors is almost exclusively established of white men and when it needs to create a task force in order to lessen the pain and humiliation that the paper inflicts, intentionally or unintentionally, on women and minorities.

Journalistic standards should require that newspaper reporters and editors strive to provide fair and accurate news articles. Allowing intolerant comments to pass as reporting or as editorial opinion simply demonstrates that the News abuses the freedom of the press.

I find that their newspaper reporters and editors usually (though not always) concentrate on interviewing established white males in government, professional groups, major corporations and larger and more sexist religious bodies. Nontraditional women, minorities, consumers, environmentalists, common laborers and smaller and less patriarchal religious groups rarely get space in their general news articles and in their editorial pages. Dissenting perspectives are rarely tolerated in that newspaper.

I rarely pick up the Rocky Mountain News now. The Denver Post and the alternative press have more and better reporting from grassroots movements, academia and a variety of religious circles. On occasion, the Denver Post and the alternative press also rightfully criticize some conservative political, corporate and religious leaders--a practice that the Rocky Mountain News will rarely pursue.

Thanks again for Patricia Calhoun's recent editorial. It brings to light why the Rocky Mountain News's general news reporting and editorial opinions are so frequently conservatively biased.

Rick Klimowicz

A Rocky Road Ahead
Many thanks to Westword for exposing the corrupt and dangerous practices of the Department of Energy and EG&G at Rocky Flats. The mainstream press no longer independently investigates what is happening at Rocky Flats--despite the fact that this year it will resume operations in Building 707, thereby spewing plutonium oxide into our air at an unprecedented level of 900,000 potentially lethal doses per year. Why? Because the Cold Warriors running the show at the DOE have decided the bomb parts must be "thermally stabilized" for "safe" shipment to Los Alamos.

A second nasty surprise that Rocky Flats is preparing for us is the "National Conversion Pilot Project," which will involve bringing to Colorado (!) a truckload a week of depleted uranium in order to manufacture containers to store nuclear waste. In order to save 200 jobs, Colorado will become the garbage incinerator for tons of toxic materials from other DOE facilities.

We strongly urge concerned readers of Westword to contact Representatives Pat Schroeder or David Skaggs immediately to oppose these plans. The deadline for public reaction approaches within weeks!

John Impey, Co-director
Colorado Peace Action for a Sane World

The Rest of the Best
I was listening to Lewis and Floorwax when they started whining that there wasn't a readers' choice for radio DJ in the June 29 Best of Denver. Well, I have news for the "masters"--I wouldn't have voted for them, anyway. You can't win a contest by having the biggest egos in town, boys. But I give Westword a big thumb's up. Your Best of Denver issue was the best yet! Keep up the good work.

Susan T.

Hey, what's going on with this Lewis and Floorwax thing? Why'd you guys drop the readers' choice ? These guys have done a public service, and you're just screwing them in the butt. Let's get things straight down there and we won't have a problem. Thanks.

Name withheld

Indian Springs--the Best Hot Springs? Go up and check it out, people! Stop in the bar for a "nightcap" and experience the densest concentration of cigarette smoke you could imagine. I've been there. It's healthier elsewhere!

Name withheld

I notice this year, and I think last year, that in your Best of Denver you don't have a "Best Hair Salon." I kind of think that it's more important than a "Best Floor-Sanding Guys" listing.

Sherry Steiker

Thank you and your staff for honoring HaSQA-WARE with the title of "Best Boon for Brown Baggers." We are thrilled!

Westword's style of writing is great! It was really a pleasure to read your description of HaSQA-WARE--accurate, concise, snappy and far better than we have managed to describe our product ourselves!

Claudia B. Bonar
HaSQA Corporation

Here's my Best of Denver poem about DIA:
Tornado alley airway
The wind shear is excitingly high
A great place to fall from the sky.
It's a roller-coaster landing for a jumbo jet
On cracked runways made out of cheap cement.
The luggage system is loaded with bugs
And operated by swindlers, embezzlers and thugs.

The accounting expertly handled to benefit the cronies backing Mayor Wellington Webb

Who ought to commit suicide for putting Denver so far in the red.
Lacking suckers for Governor Roy Romer's impressive package lure
DIA will face bankruptcy in the near future for sure.
Standard and Poors gambled a get-rich- quick bet
And for the rest of their lives they'll suffer and regret.
The dollar took a plunge, the economy's in a panicky dive
DIA junk bonds a bad choice if you want to survive.
Mutual distrust about money foolishly overspent
One last resort: "Exclusive DIA Wigwams" for rent.
It's finished! The end of the Pena Mega Boom.
Financial Armageddon, DIA doom!
Lexington Sumpter

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