As a result of all the action last week, the city has already had to make a few changes in its script.

This week investors will receive an "official" version of the preliminary bond statement, one that includes descriptions of the United deal, the Concourse C complaints, the Continental letter, the Denver District Attorney's investigation into allegations of wrongdoing and the federal grand jury's investigation into concrete contracts. And the city will have to come clean about something else: Its previous bond sales are now the subject of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission--an investigation that the city attorney blames on all the media attention, on the "national preoccupation with DIA."

The SEC notified the city attorney's office last Monday that it would be investigating the adequacy of the city's "disclosure of information" regarding the airport. But the city didn't bother to disclose that information to Tuesday's bond-buyers.

No wonder they liked us.

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