P.S.: The movie reviews are what I read Westword for. They are reliable for cynical me. Others can read the Post guy who writes anal-cranial inverted movie reviews for probably a fundamentalist audience. Keep crankin' those good reviews.

Frederick "Fritz" Githler

Read Alert
I have to say that Karen Bowers's August 31 article "Better Dead Than Read" did not have the effect on me that your writer was trying to bring about. As far as I am concerned, that kid deserved everything that came to him.

Sure, there are some bad cops out there, but Betts probably wouldn't have had the problems he had here if he'd just kept his mouth shut in the first place. But after the first run-in, he started digging his own grave, and to try to get sympathy for doing it is beyond me.

What makes him so special? Why should he get more respect than a cop who's just trying to make a buck?

I'd love to find out what this college student expects to do with his life. It sounds like he has great direction!

Name withheld on request

Walk, Don't Pun
I'm writing to express my outrage concerning Kenny Be's "cartoon" printed in the August 31 issue of Westword. The cartoon, in very poor taste, mocks "Latino protest season." The depictions seen are entirely superficial, and it is about time non-Latinos understand what is really being protested.

September 16 marked the 25th anniversary since the last walkout. Therefore, the walkout taking place this year not only commemorated the first one 25 years ago, it also signified the lack of progress made in the past and the lack of progress still taking place. I am talking about the lack of progress surrounding Latinos in the school system and in the community in general. It is sad to see that little has changed in 25 years. Overall, there has been very little support for Latinos. In fact, injustice, inequality and racism are words that come to mind when describing the treatment of many Latinos in the school system. Many children are inadequately taught. As a result, they don't score as well on tests such as the ITBS, which was one subject of mockery seen in the cartoon. Aside from this, there are very few Latino educators who can serve as role models for students. Unfortunately, this can also be a factor that interferes with the progress of some Latinos.

It angers me that anyone can illustrate subjects such as these in such a light and humorous way as was done by Kenny Be. To be bluntly honest, these issues are serious stuff for us, and it is cartoons such as these that show the disrespect and racism in the community toward Latino issues. However, it is these things that the Latino community must overcome. For this reason, I have chosen to write so that I may express my outrage and pity; it's a start.

Erika Davila

For once I can agree with Kenny Be. "Hispanic walkout day"--more Latino fiesta days, more Latino language classes, more Latino sporting events, more Latino arts programs, more Latino parking spaces, more and more things for Latinos.

What puzzles me is, why in the hell did these Latinos come here?
Fred Weber

How the West Side Was Won
Regarding Arthur Hodges's "West Side Story," in the August 24 issue:
If Mayor Webb intends to cultivate the Hispanic voters, he should do two things:

1. Learn to speak Spanish.
2. Correct those atrocious notices in Denver's buses. A kindergarten student would be ashamed of them; they are a disgrace to Denver. Los Angeles has perfect Spanish notices in its public vehicles. Why are Denver's so awful?

R.A. LeMassena

First Things First
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Church Pleads the First," in the August 31 issue:
Dennis Powell is one of many individuals who have been ignored and treated unjustly. We read of so many lawsuits against churches these days; also, television programs often show church members who have been wronged. Churches that have been our pillars of strength seem to be a thing of the past. At the final judgment we will not need a lawyer or courts, because true believers will be judged by the saints.

When our young children are taught to obey God's laws, we won't need to build more prisons; they should find joy and happiness in communion with one another and God. Heaven on earth is feasible--but not going down the path we are reading about among churches today.

Maymie Rolfs

Mad About Crazy
Boo to M.S. Mason's review of Crazy for You, "Let George (and Ira) Do It," in the September 7 issue.

Comments like "banal storyline" and "predictable dialogue" indicate to me that your reviewer needs a little more magic and humor in his/her life. Incidentally, M.S. had to really search for something to criticize. When is the last time you read a movie review that commented on the admission price? Top-quality, Tony Award-winning Broadway shows always cost around $50. Been to New York lately? The show was wonderful. The review was lousy!

Jan McClary

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