Monday January 9 The Norse code: What is that weird sound emanating from the high country? Chances are it's the Ullr Fest--one of those crazy, festive, snow-worshiping celebrations that are known to hit Breckenridge in the middle of winter. The festival, named for the spoiled, fun-loving, mythical snow-god kid of Thor and his wife, Sif, kicks off tonight at 7 when the Ullympics commence, pitting coed teams against one another in utterly ridiculous competitions. Events, which include a skating party, a balloon luminary and a ripsnortin' parade with fireworks, continue through Sunday. Highlighting the whole shindig is the three-day Alamo Freestyle Classic, featuring top athletes performing in breathtaking ballet, mogul and aerial competitions. And in between, you can put in your own schussing time on Breckenridge slopes; if you're game, you can do it while chanting "Ullr, Ullr" with the rest of the party animals and snowbunnies in town. For details about events call 1-303-453-6018; for lodging information call 1-800-221-1091.

Peace by piece: Everyone's talking about the surge of violence in America, but no one knows just how deeply it cuts. In response to the din, Bill Moyers hosts What Can We Do About Violence?, an in-depth look at the issues, focusing on special programs concerned with solutions--from alternative sentencing to adult mentoring. The four-hour broadcast, being shown in two parts, airs tonight and January 11 at 8 on KRMA-TV Channel 6; Does TV Kill?, a companion edition of Frontline exploring the effects of television violence on society, airs tomorrow at 9.

Tuesday January 10 Moo and exciting: One of Denver's lasting trademarks--a paean to the city's Wild West origins--returns to town this week for another go-around. If bucking Brahmas, big belt buckles, equestrian shows, Western art and stall after stall of odoriferous livestock (some call it the smell of money) seem like your kind of fun, get set for the 89th National Western Stock Show, ready to rope you in at the National Western Complex, I-70 and Brighton Blvd., for nearly two weeks of all of the above and more. Events shoot out of the gate tonight with the stock show's first-ever Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza, featuring popular San Antonio charro Jerry Diaz and singer Norma Montiel, along with mariachis, bull riders and bronc riders, beginning at 7:30 in the Denver Coliseum (tickets $10-$12); the excitement continues through January 22. Rodeo tickets are $7 to $14, and entry to horse performances is $10; admission to show grounds, Children's Ranchland and special exhibits are included in both. Purchase tickets in advance by calling 290-TIXS, or at the box office, 46th and Humboldt St., the day of the event.

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