Since the governor is indicating that "smart growth" policies need to originate from the grass roots (that's us, citizens!), we need to make our concerns heard--loud and clear and continuously. If we want sustainable growth, we need to write, phone and vote our opinions. We need to show up at as many hearings as possible. Believe me, the development community does.

Additionally, homeowners need to find out the occupations of the leaders of their homeowner boards, district boards and water boards. Are they developers, real estate or businesspeople who identify a "conflict of interest" before they vote on impacts to the community from development? And do they embrace "growth ethics"?

Saundra Eberhard

Aboriginal Sin
Regarding Kenny Be's January 25 Worst-Case Scenario:
Black Elk Surfs? Kenny Be rules!
Jo Swenson

What, exactly, is the problem with this Kenny Be person? With all the legitimate crap in this city to make fun of, he has to pick my spiritual great-great-uncle, Black Elk, as well as the only true Native American production ever to come to the Denver Center. If Kenny had seen the play, he would have had more respect, I bet. But since he didn't, next week how about a cartoon featuring Thomas Jefferson, or George Washington, or one of the other "fathers of our country"? Would anyone laugh at that?

Henry Tallchief
Rapid City, SD

Ticket to Ride
Regarding Michael Roberts's January 18 Feedback:
So Doug Kauffman is cutting ticket prices for the Ogden Theatre because of unfair practices on the part of Ticketmaster? If his idea is to cut the ticket prices a minuscule amount (I mean, $20 for a show is not cheap) and then sell tickets to twice as many people, he needs a lesson in fire code and safety. Perhaps the Ogden Theatre should re-examine its present seating capacity. If other theaters can draw the line at sold-out shows that are still comfortable without gouging their customers, the Ogden should be able to follow suit (or lose patrons to these other theaters on competing show nights).

Margie Levinson

Bravo for Doug Kauffman! It was obviously not enough for Pearl Jam to take on Ticketmaster in Congress. We need to bring the fight for reasonable ticket prices home, too.

J. Snyder

Musicians, Take Note
I must commend Richard Atkinson for his poignant letter in the December 14 issue. Richard, I am the owner of Trip 21 Productions, and if we're compatible, I would be interested in financing, marketing, producing and finding you a reputable record company. I personally guarantee there are no strings attached, and I will only be reimbursed on a commission basis. In fact, I would be interested in helping anyone who's focused, talented and innovative (including the inexperienced and teenagers), but I only specialize in dance and alternative.

I must admit I am young, rebellious and opinionated, wanting to make a buck like everyone else, but I also want to be partly responsible for creating a Denver scene with a bang instead of a whimper. Richard, or anyone who's interested, you can call me day or night.

Michael Claxton

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