The Sorrow and the City
So Patricia Calhoun has now decided she must save the city from Douglas Bruce ("Another Slum Dunk From Doug Bruce," February 1). But who will save the city from Ms. Calhoun?

Joe Garcia

After reading the letters attacking Patricia Calhoun for her very good article about Coach McCartney ("Is Nothing Sacred?," January 18), I wanted to write in her support. Why is it that when a woman writes something that needs to be said, people respond by criticizing her personally rather than discussing what she has written? Is it "bitchy" to tell the truth?

Esther Frankel

And the Hits Keep Coming
A scribe hungry gun nut named King
Deigned to provide Patty a ring
He told a ludicrous lie
About a nice DA guy
Off Limits, she wrote King's whole thing.
Craig Silverman
Chief Deputy District Attorney

Guess who I ran into today (at the gun show, of course, where all of us armed patriots congregate): the guy who all the minions of the ministry of misinformation otherwise known as the FBI already have me in league with. I met Stew Webb for the first time. He was at the gun show with his material, and he wasn't aware of your Off Limits article, but I pointed out one thing. He said you made it seem like I actually incriminated myself with a picture of the actual rocket launcher. I did not have an actual rocket launcher; otherwise, they would have arrested me. It was just an empty one.

But, anyway, the world better watch out now. Stew Webb and Daniel King have actually met, and--who knows?--maybe we're conspiring to overthrow something.

Daniel King

Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Dust
Thank you for Robin Chotzinoff's article on George Murray ("Love Among the Ruins," January 25). I would have been at his funeral had I known.

George told me of one time he was taken to the back of his lot by local cops and had the hell beat out of him. He said it taught him a lesson. I hope he gave as good as he got.

George told me more than once that I had big hands and a hell of a handshake. I always thought he was big enough to hunt bear with a switch.

I knew George had severe depression bouts, and I am not surprised he took his own life. I respect his wishes, and the spirit of George Murray is welcome at any time around me.

As a longtime friend and fellow junkman, I am sure George will understand when I say, "Rust in peace!"

Bob Miller
Black Hawk

The Edge of Right
Regarding Karen Bowers's "The Powers of Persuasion," in the February 1 issue:
Last year, I followed with great interest Ms. Bowers's "Life on the Edge" article that was published March 23, 1994. I was on the Edgewater City Council at the time and have since resigned. I noticed that the only letter to the editor addressing that article was from none other than the infamous Pauline York. The one statement from her letter that stands out in my mind is: "Who cares?"

When it comes to what may amount to obstruction of justice, Ms. York, I care. Obviously that is not an opinion shared by the Jeffco DA or our state senator and state representative, because they have consistently been made aware of this situation for the past year. That isn't even covering the complaints on Ms. York in regard to campaign-law violations filed with the secretary of state, the Jefferson County Clerk and the city clerk over the past four years. I have learned the hard way that red tape makes things disappear as if by magic.

John Moreno

Having attended Judge Klein's Edgewater court, I thought your story was about as lame as the cases he seems to get. However, don't you think he would look great with a conductor's hat and a gold railroad watch? Though not as big as Captain Kangaroo and not as quaint as the little tiny conductor on Shining Time Station, Klein would look great at the helm of one of those new RTD light-rail trains. A few spare tokens to jangle in his pocket would add a nice touch.

It would seem that with a sizable tax base, Edgewater surely has the finest judge it can buy.

Please sign me "name withheld." I have to live in Edgewater, and I don't want to have my name on a token hit list. I've got a bigger shovel if you need it; keep digging.

Name withheld on request

He's Bugged
Regarding Eric Dexheimer's "Hop to It," in the February 1 issue:
As a resident of the eastern plains, I can tell you that the coming grasshopper plague is real and it is natural--as are many of the other cycles that our mysterious world provides us.

What is also real are the agra-chemical multinationals' attempts to make nature a villain and man heroic in killing off the critters. Be they bug, deer or coyote, Con Agra has something to kill 'em off. This will, for a price, deliver more slightly-more-expensive wheat to the table. However, there is a downside to the whole chemical stew we must eat. There are cancers of all sorts and types that carry off the agriculturalist and his workers as well as the happy Douglas County resident, the Republican congressman and the urban journalist.

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