Stapleton Airport will become a nuclear-waste dump after Rocky Flats blows up. That event will wipe out the Arvada Grand Prix race, forcing Pena to quickly leave town... minus his luggage.

United Airlines will buy Greyhound Bus and transfer Wellington Webb to the DIA lost-and-damaged-baggage room. He will be joined by dozens of cronies and relatives asking for work.

A man in a white suit named Dick Fleming will appear at City Hall to propose building a billion-dollar Greyhound Bus terminal with automated baggage transfer. Denver City Council will approve it.

Adams County will buy back DIA for two cents on the dollar, then have to close it because of noise complaints from ranchers with mutilated cattle. UFOs will use the vacant airport as an earth hub.

Neal Bush and Silverado Banking will stage a comeback by proposing a new $10 billion airport and bus terminal in Wacker, Colorado. Voters will approve BUSHWACKER.

Now, mind you, I won't be around to see all this happen. I'll be in a monastery praying for all those heathens who voted for that DIA high-plains stinker.

Paul T. Kane

Bass Behavior
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Taken Past the Limit," in the January 11 issue:
I would like to say to Michael Roberts that, in my opinion, that is the finest article you have ever written. It is time you get credit for the good material you write, not just the bad.

Getting back to the article, the bass player wasn't even asked to regroup for the Eagles reunion. It sure doesn't surprise me. Being a bass player myself in the late Seventies and middle Eighties for local groups in the Denver area, I soon learned that you get no respect from other musicians in the band when deciding which songs the band will play; you will even get ignored. It's a thankless job. Yet the bass players are usually the first member called because they are the most scarce.

Again, great article, Michael.
Jeff Crabb

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