Three months ago, when the Aronson family of Evergreen filed a lawsuit against their neighbors the Quigleys, charging them with anti-Semitism, it set off a barrage of criticism against the Quigleys and inspired a slew of soul-searching editorials about how Jew-haters still roam Colorado. Following a round of outraged newspaper articles (inspired by dueling press conferences), the case has been winding its way through federal court.

Here are some of the fascinating things the families have had to say in legal documents filed recently:

Candice Aronson allegedly called Dee Quigley "a fat-assed bitch" and a "pig" and referred to the Quigleys as "pieces of shit."

The Aronsons are Jewish, but, the Quigleys suspect, not very.
The Quigleys' alleged anti-Semitic statements were inspired by the black humor of Jewish comics.

The Aronsons' teenage children were mean to the Quigleys' children and even swore in front of them.

The Quigleys think the Aronsons are "semi-professional voyeurs" who "figuratively raped" them.

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that a nasty neighborhood dispute has yielded an ugly lawsuit. Yet a review of the families' most recent legal filings--a federal district court judge has directed the opposing attorneys not to comment publicly on the case--reveals something else.

The Aronsons' lawsuit against their neighbors has degenerated. In fact, Aronson v. Quigley, which started as a serious case of alleged anti-Semitism, seems to have turned into little more than a dirt-digging contest between lawyers.

William and Dee Quigley and their three children moved to the exclusive Ridge development (home prices are about $500,000) in 1993. Mitchell and Candice Aronson and their four children moved a door down from the Quigleys a year later.

The Quigleys claim the two families got along at first. "During the three weeks immediately following the Aronsons' arrival in Evergreen," a Quigley document notes, "the Quigleys entertained the Aronsons and the Aronsons' children at two separate parties at the Quigleys' home."

Soon after that, however, the families apparently decided to devote most of their waking hours to harassing each other. After a series of clashes involving both families' dogs, children and adults, the Aronsons began taping the Quigleys' cordless-phone conversations.

Transcribed, the conversations come to more than 1,200 pages, according to court testimony. Some of the Quigleys' private discussions appear to have had an anti-Semitic tone, if the Aronsons' transcripts are accurate.

By now the more egregious examples have become well known and have turned the Quigleys into local villains. The Quigleys, for example, supposedly are heard talking about tossing lamp shades and bars of soap on the Aronsons' front lawn, dousing the Aronson children with a flammable liquid and taping an oven-door cutout on the Aronsons' house.

On December 6 the Aronsons sued the Quigleys, charging them with harassment and ethnic intimidation. The next day Jefferson County filed similar criminal charges against the Quigleys. But the district attorney dropped the charges a month later after concluding he didn't have the evidence to prove his case.

Recent legal filings by the Quigleys' lawyers raise serious questions about the Aronsons' case. According to a counterclaim filed on January 18, the Aronsons drastically edited some of the tapes so as to depict their neighbors in the worst possible light. In one instance, the Quigleys allege the Aronsons distilled a 100-minute conversation into five minutes' worth of transcript.

In addition, the Quigleys now say that, after reviewing the transcripts, the Aronsons in several instances misidentified the taped telephone speakers. An accurate transcription of the tapes will reveal "that the Quigleys never intended to harm" their neighbors, lawyers for the Quigleys argue.

Yet much of the remainder of the lawsuit concerns itself with detailing a neighborhood squabble that seems more remarkable for its banality than for any threatening behavior. For example, we now know a number of important things about the Aronsons and Quigleys:

Mitchell Aronson and William Quigley both allegedly used their cars as weapons. Or, alternately, both are bad drivers. As part of the original lawsuit, Candice Aronson claimed that William Quigley drove at her in a menacing way while she was sitting in her car. Quigley seems to confirm this in one of the transcripts, telling his wife, "I didn't hesitate. I just, know, and plowed through."

According to a filing last month, however, Dee Quigley claims that sometime in mid-October, she was a victim of poor carsmanship, too. Mitchell and Candice allegedly "drove their car very closely behind Dee Quigley, and Mitchell Aronson honked at her loudly and for a sustained time. At the same time, Candice Aronson leaned from the passenger's seat and yelled...`You fat-assed bitch, get off the road, you pig. I'll get you.'"

Both families allegedly use bad words. According to the telephone transcripts, some of the ways the Quigleys supposedly referred to their neighbors were "those fucking Aronsons" and, in the case of Mrs. Aronson, a "disgusting slut." In October Mr. Quigley supposedly leaned out of his car and called one of the Aronson children a "stupid asshole."

As for the Aronsons, they also cussed (see "car driving," above). Especially the kids. As the Quigleys contend in their January 18 counterclaim, "The Aronson children regularly used gross obscenities in the presence of the Quigleys and the Quigleys' children, such as `fuck,' `shit,' `cunt,' and `cocksucker.'"

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