If, in fact, laughter is the best medicine, then intelligent life in the universe must stay healthy by lining up its UFOs in our atmosphere and watching the fables and foibles of planet Earth.

Carroll Newberry

Downhill Eraser
In Westword's February 22 issue, there was an article ("Buried Alive at Winter Park," by Andy Van De Voorde) concerning the Moffat Tunnel Commission and the Winter Park Recreation Association that contained some statements attributed to me and concerned the Webb administration's handling of negotiations in the dispute.

Since I made those comments (which were correctly reported), I have studied the issue from all sides in numerous meetings with Winter Park and commission representatives, visited the ski-area site in question, and have determined that the Webb administration has taken the correct position.

My comments to Westword were critical of the city's administration and premature, as I spoke prior to obtaining a complete history of the dispute. When appropriate, I will continue to speak out on tough city issues and, if ever necessary again, step forward to correct mistakes.

I apologize to Westword's City Limits readers and Mayor Webb.
Edward P. Thomas
Denver City Councilman

Ram Tough
Regarding Eric Dexheimer's "Milking the Rams," in the February 22 issue:
I want to thank you for printing this article on the money-hungry Rams. I have always thought that college ball is continually becoming more and more greedy. I like how you mentioned the CU vs. Notre Dame game; that was a classic example of this.

This article was well-researched and had a lot of great facts on how much money sponsors pay, how much money the school brings in and where the money is going. These costs really bring attention to the fact that many times colleges are just out there for the money. I am glad you were able to bring out this information. Thanks for being straight to the point.

Kara Forshay

A Brew Story
I thought Kyle Wagner's February 15 Mouthing Off column was well-written and showed an important part of Colorado culture. Just like skiing, a fine microbrew is essential in Colorado. The article went all the way from the popular microbrews to the lesser-known but fine-quality breweries; it let the rookie taster know where to get started and informed the veteran drinker about some of the new flavors out on the scene. The only aspect of the column with which I would disagree was Kyle's opinion on the Breckenridge Brewery's India Pale Ale. I believe this is one of the finest brews out there, and it continues to top my list. However, I will agree that the Larimer Red is yet another quality brew put out by Mike Fahy. I hope he continues to dazzle us with his genius in search of the perfect red.

Once again, I would like to congratulate Westword for printing another quality critique. Cheers!

Jeff Bonanno

A Rose by Any Other Name...
This is in response to a letter that appeared in the February 22 edition by someone with my same name. Two of my friends called, thinking it was me. I just want you to print: That Josephine Rose was not me.

Josephine Rose

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