On a happier note, it comes as no surprise that Ceal Barry's exemplary hoopsters have again cloaked the University of Colorado in glory. The Lady Buffs--oops, can't call Stanford the Indians anymore, either... that is to say, the undefeated Buffs have collected more trophies than a bowling team this season, led by senior guard Shelley Sheetz, who was named Big Eight Player of the Year, and Barry, the Big Eight Coach of 1995.

The Big Dance could be quite a story later this month. Forget that touchdown pass in Ann Arbor: We're talking top of the heap here.

And whoa! How about the boys? Joe Harrington's hapless CU bunch, long overshadowed by their female counterparts, not only won a conference road game for the first time since the Punic Wars (at Nebraska), they knocked off nineteenth-ranked Mizzou last week. That gave CU's men just their second winning season in eleven years and may have landed them a spot in the National Invitational Tournament.

That hasn't happened since 1991. The time before that, well, the time before that, Dad was digging on Janis in the glow of the lava lamp.

The CU women deserve the whole thing, and they can get it. As for the men, let's just hope Northwest Montana A&T doesn't crush 'em in the first round.

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