The Art of the Deal
Regarding Michael Paglia's "A Site for Sore Eyes," in the March 8 issue:
Bravo to Westword--Michael Paglia unmuzzled! To those of us who stopped reading Westword three articles into your former art reviewer's mush, it is the honest, stinging, insightful prose of Paglia that marks my return to your readership. I have rediscovered the rest of your great newspaper to boot!

John B. Woodward III

Like Michael Paglia, I found myself moved to tears by the art at DIA. All that money for all that mediocre (to be kind) art! So far, the only redeeming factor is your new reviewer. When I read Paglia's piece, I cried again--but only because I was laughing so hard.

Hope the hits keep on coming.
Randy Simmons

Medicine Bawl
I write to you only after reading Steve Jackson's "Taking His Medicine," in the March 8 issue, and feeling I had to respond. (I also read Jackson's "Bad Medicine," in your July 27, 1994, issue). I am a full-blooded Navajo, born and raised on the reservation in Arizona until I moved to Colorado in 1991.

I find these articles about medicine men, sweat lodges, etc., preposterous. I was taught that in our tradition, the spiritual healing in a sweat lodge or going to a medicine man is done within the four sacred mountains of our reservation. Taking it outside, into the white man's world, is to weaken your powers with the spirit world--if you are a real medicine man. If I need to see a medicine man, I'll go back to the reservation to see one, but I'll never go see one in a city.

Maybe Kayla Moonwatcher needs to go for some psychological counseling or start writing Harlequin novels. As for Brave Eagle, you got what you deserve--grief--and you are a disgrace to your Lakota people.

Shame on you both.
E. Begaye

Patriot's Blame
After your recent objective articles about the patriot movement, I was surprised at your lambasting of state senator Charles Duke in the March 8 Off Limits. You seem to ridicule him as a "crackpot" and doubt his assertion that the daily newspapers "are going to tell you the truth" about the patriot movement. One only has to read the Denver Post's recent patriot "expose" to know he is correct. In the article, the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, the Libertarian Party and the Fully-Informed Jury Association were associated with the Ku Klux Klan as being part of the "radical right." The Post is promoting this confused nonsense that anything not liberal (or, more correctly, socialist) is radical, right-wing and, well, just icky. Westword, please don't fall into this trap.

The essence of the Tenth Amendment Resolution and the follow-up legislation that Mr. Duke sponsored and the Colorado Legislature passed is that the federal government has become too large, too intrusive, too inefficient and takes too much of our money. This is manifest in issues of both liberal (e.g., search-and-seizure and drug prohibition) and conservative concerns (e.g., business regulation and property rights). To paraphrase Barry Goldwater, people are realizing that a government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The current political trend is libertarian (and antisocialist) in nature, supporting a return to the basic principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The game is changing, and most of the media just doesn't have a clue. I'll bet you can get one, Westword, if you try.

Regarding your comments on Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell: He was essentially forced out of the Democratic Party because he is an independent thinker who did not always vote the party line. It's like Southern Democrats who have switched parties and local Democrat Paul Danish--they find themselves ostracized when, in good faith, they support such causes as gun rights. Campbell wavered on this and other issues in the last session. He caught hell from his traditionally conservative rural constituency and received little support from Democratic bigwigs. The Democratic Party is self-destructing because, sadly, it doesn't have a clue as to what the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are really about.

Al Gallatin

A lot of us out here still cannot stand Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell and his betrayal of our Constitution and the folks who voted for him.

As a longtime Harley rider, I voted for Campbell because he seemed to be one of us--supporting our issues and tuning into our concerns. However, as a responsible gun owner (liberals say there's no such thing), I can no longer support his continued attack on the Second Amendment. Regardless of party, Campbell is bad news and doesn't belong in any elective office.

Now to Charlie Duke. Leave it to Westword to put down a man for being (horrors!) a "patriot." He supports smaller government, supports our Constitution and tells the truth about both "Newthorse" and "Slick Willie." As for crackpots, our esteemed Democrat delegates Pat Schroeder and David Skaggs could write several volumes of idiot quotes from notable not-with-it politicos.

As for Karen Bowers's story about Stephana Major in the same March 8 issue ("Who's Who?"), everyone seems to miss the point. Her various personalities reside in her own body. If she is guilty of these crimes, her body and personalities need to be shipped off to the penitentiary like anyone else.

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