As is the case with GBV's previous works, Lanes was mainly recorded on the band's home four-track and eight-track equipment, a tack that results in a crackling, vintage feel. According to Pollard, the disc's decidedly hissy tone was purely intentional. "I call it the last of our Scat trilogy," he explains. "It was originally supposed to be our last album on Scat, so it's still pretty lo-fi. Although the recording is pretty good, so I guess you could say it's approaching mid-fi, or whatever.

"If you listen to it, it sounds sort of like some strange Sixties radio station without a DJ," he points out. "That's why we called it Alien Lanes. It sounds like strange radio waves from another dimension."

The rave reviews already garnered by Lanes and Box (a five-CD set of early GBV just issued on Scat) suggest that the Voices' mystical sounds should soon be reaching the ears of radio listeners in this dimension as well. Meanwhile, the band is getting ready to embark on a headlining tour--the first since Pollard finally ended his fourteen-year career as a fourth-grade schoolteacher. "I resigned last year," he reveals. "I had to. It was just so hectic last year that I just had to get the fuck out. I had to go with rock, you know.

"When I was getting ready to make the decision to leave, my parents, my family--everyone--was like, `You can't do that. You can't just up and leave your career. You have a family to think about.' I just said, `Fuck that. I'm gonna rock.'"

Not that Pollard has ditched all of his responsibilities. He divulges that the touring schedule is being broken into three-week intervals so that the players can spend more time with their families. "I don't like to tour longer than that," he concedes. "I get homesick."

As for future recordings, the Voices have vowed that they will share many of the same low-budget characteristics as those found on Vampires, Thousand and Lanes. After a decade of relative obscurity, Pollard says he isn't about to sell out now. "You have to make records for yourself," he concludes. "You have to make them exactly the way you want them, record them the way you want them and put your favorite songs on there. You can't tell yourself, `Well, we have to put this song on the record because more people would like to hear it.' You've got to make music for yourself 100 percent."

GBV's agenda is equally simple and straightforward.
"Guided by Voices is going to rock the world!" Pollard declares, doing his best Gene Simmons imitation. Then he pulls back. "No, actually, it's gratifying enough when you do something for so long just because you like it, and then all of a sudden you're rewarded for it.

"It's just like, `Wow, man. Maybe there is a God.'"
Guided by Voices, with the Felt Pilotes. 8 p.m. Monday, April 10, Fox Theatre, 1135 13th Street, Boulder, $5.25, 447-0095 or 830-

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