No, come to think of it, you wrote an article not long ago about Frank Zappa ("Frankly Speaking," May 24) saying that most of his albums are out of print and no longer available. Michael, that is not true. There are at least two record stores that I know of that carry just about everything Frank recorded. Frank was a very talented musician, as you stated, but a lot of his music puts down women and talks about sex like some kid in junior high school would. And while you were building Frank up as an artist, you were saying that Frank's music peaked as far as record sales go when he did, or after he put out an album that sounded something like the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper album in 1968. Then you ended the article saying he hated the Pepper album. I would say that you, Michael, and Frank Zappa had a lot in common. He made money with his put-downs and his dislikes of everything. Then after the guy is dead and gone, you end up writing an article about him, at first building him up and then concluding by saying Zappa's music peaked in 1968--another put-down. It is funny to me that you can write about a person that you like and then totally destroy everything you have written by knocking down the artist at the end of your article.

Jeff Crabb

Wait! Stop! Go back! You'll love rediscovering Radio Aahs-AM/1340!
I've got to fill you in on one of the most popular stations in Denver. Why? Because 40.2 percent of the market have kids at home and 18.2 percent of the market are kids two to twelve...a potential audience of 1.1+ million people, all without the help of Arbitron.

Radio Aahs Denver is huge, and the response we receive is overwhelming. We receive more phone calls every day than the top three rated radio stations combined... over 750 a day! Our promotions draw tens of thousands of families, and we're part of the fastest-growing network in the world, now in 27 markets, reaching upwards of 50 percent of the U.S. population!

Listen closely. In addition to Barney and the Chipmunks, you'll hear the Beatles, Guadalcanal Diary, Little Richard, the Cranberries, Bruce Springsteen, They Might Be Giants, Boyz II Men and other cool music for kids and parents. In the last five years, the kids' music industry has grown by over 1000 percent. (You'd love Trout Fishing in America, if you haven't already heard them.)

The support from advertisers has been tremendous. We've done business with over 400 companies and are poised to be one of Denver's most profitable stations by the end of the year. Kids are our future...we have eleven on our staff. They represent one fifth of the population and an audience that influences over $400 billion in spending each year. Listen to all the creative things we do locally to promote them, their self-esteem and independent thinking. You've got to go back. Just click your heels three times and say "There's no place like Aahs."

Dan Wiley, General Manager
Radio Aahs-

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