Best Cheap Way to Get to DIA
RTD's skyRide
SkyRide serves areas as distant from DIA as Boulder and Highlands Ranch, and it's proven so successful that RTD just added a route to the northern suburbs. Fares ranging from $4 to $8 seem utterly affordable when you consider some of the alternatives. The only thing cheaper is your thumb. Which you can twiddle en route.

Readers' choice: RTD's skyRide

Best DIA Service
DIA Chiropractic
Concourse B

If flying makes you tense, make a stop before and after at DIA Chiropractic. Located on the United concourse at DIA, the office offers full body massages, foot massages, neck and shoulder rubs and reflexology sessions. You can indulge even if pressed for time--prices start at $1 a minute. Flaps up!

Readers' choice: Free underground trains to concourses

Best Place to Get Stuck
Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
1441 York St.

You can get help with those mystery aches and pains at a discount by booking time with a CSTCM student acupuncturist for only $20 a visit. Or those with more serious ailments can opt for a session with a bona fide Chinese doctor well-versed in the dispensation of medicinal herbs (available in the school's pharmacy)--$55 for the first prick, $40 for return appointments. Even if you're not fully sold on the ancient procedure, the school's a fine place to take a quick nap--if you don't mind doing it with a bunch of therapeutic pins sticking out of your body.

Best Body Piercing
Bound by Design
1336 E. Colfax Ave.
1121 Broadway

The two Bound by Designs are the only piercing parlors in this part of the country owned and run by a graduate of Fakir Musafar's Pro Body Piercing Classes--the finishing school, we're told, for those who truly want to be professionals in the art of "body modification." Creative body piercing and artful tattoos are done in a sterile atmosphere by expert technicians, and the body jewelry in stock ranges from delicate to industrial. Little dogies can pick up comprehensive information on--we fib you not--branding and scarification. And, of course, there's the ever-fashionable genital piercing. Yes, dear, a rivet runs through it.

Best Place to Harness Your Desires
The Crypt
131 & 139 Broadway

Just as bodies come in all different shapes, styles and sizes, so should body harnesses. The Crypt understands that and makes sure customers find an assortment of harnesses to fit any fantasy, whether it's leather, leather and chains or just chains. Also on hand are leather vests, restraints, body jewelry, clamps and industrial-strength vibrators. If you're indecisive, take in a show at the adjoining adult theater and ponder your choices.

Best Adult Book and Video Store
Adult Book & Video
4810 Pontiac St.

This diversely stocked adult emporium, complete with a Triple-X neon sign, is open 24 hours a day and is conveniently located behind the Sapp Brothers Truck Stop. Adult Book & Video has a massive selection of videos for sale or rent, and those on the go (or those who just can't wait) can even rent space in an on-site viewing room. The extensive quarter arcade offers a wide choice of shorts to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes; the gift shop carries a bountiful assortment of gay and straight novelties and periodicals; and the gregarious staff is adept at putting hesitant customers at ease.

Best Video Store
The Video Station
1661 28th St., Boulder

No other Denver-area outlet can match the 30,000-title inventory offered by movie-buff owners Scott Woodland and Ivory Curtis--including all the available work of directors like Pasolini, Truffaut, Godard, Tavernier, Kieslowski and Wertmuller; plenty of experimenters like Stan Brakhage, Kenneth Anger and Bruce Connor; pioneering silent shorts by the likes of Georges Melies; and a broad library of obscure foreign and cult films. For example, the Video Station had Ed Wood, in toto, long before Ed Wood was cool. Don't miss Classic Tuesday, when any U.S. movie made before 1960 rents for just 99 cents.

Best New Bookstore
Tattered Cover LoDo
1628 16th St.

There are so many things to like about the new Tattered Cover--the cozy coffee nook replete with magazines, the bold, burgeoning LoDo location and the well-rounded selection of books, a perfectly condensed version of the more vastly stocked mothership in Cherry Creek. If they don't have the book you're looking for, they can usually get it swiftly. But the nicest surprise here is the neighborly ambience, a wood-floored warmth reminiscent--for those of you who've been around here long enough to reminisce--of the original Tattered Cover of many years and locations ago.

Best Used Books
Books Unlimited
2070 S. University Blvd.

If you build shelves, they will come--the books, that is, followed by the bookworms. Books Unlimited never seems to run out of room, and the staffers treat their hardbacks with loving care. A never-ending discount helps take the sting out of shopping, too. The cheapest and widest selection in town.

Readers' choice: Ichabod's

Best Title Insurance
Book Warehouse
Castle Rock Factory Shops

The Book Warehouse, a highlight of the Castle Rock factory outlet shops, specializes in remainders--tomes distributors are trying to unload at discounted prices. But in addition to overhyped flops and bestsellers past their prime, Book Warehouse has a staggering supply of paperback classics, children's books and oddball narratives you'll have a hard time believing were published in the first place. Obscure sci-fi titles. Biographies of people known by few people outside their immediate families. Quasi-religious texts by Charles Colson and the like. As eccentric a collection as you're likely to find in these parts--and the stock turns over so quickly you'll find yourself returning to peruse the latest nutty opus on the shelves.

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