Best Place to Sell Used CDs
666 Logan St.

Unlike other difficult (read: attitudinal) buy-sell-trade stores, Bakeman's will buy a wide variety of CDs, as long as they're in good condition; trading is an even better deal. Bakeman's above-average selection of national, local and used CDs will keep you and your ears happy.

Best Record Store in a Bookstore
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
960 S. Colorado Blvd., Glendale

The last thing you expect to find in any of today's huge bookstores is a record store. But sure enough, Barnes & Noble not only sells CDs, it stocks a decent range of titles in the major musical categories as well. You won't find the same kinds of deals here that you'll find in B&N's cut-rate stacks of book remainders, but you will find a fascinating example of customer service: a touch-activated computer that you can use to call up lists of recordings by just about any artist or composer whose name you can remember. Just what the record collector ordered.

Best High-End Antiques
Borgman's Antiques and Things
1700 E. 6th Ave.

Now that the word "antique" refers to anything from last year, it's comforting to know that in a few places, the term still carries its original meaning. Borgman's is full of classy old things such as Chinese porcelains, French crystal chandeliers and Early American furniture. You can't miss this decades-old shop, now in its second location. It's marked by a still-working 1930s neon Coca-Cola sign from the days when the building housed a drugstore and a soda fountain. But do bring your gold card.

Best Low-End Antiques
Queen City Collectibles
516 E. Colfax Ave.

Combining the romantic, if adventurous, appeal of its honky-tonk location with very cheap prices, Queen City has everything you could ask for in a secondhand palace. It's crowded with a motley assortment of furniture and decorations beyond the expected clutter, which fills each visit with the potential for a successful treasure hunt. Another thing that makes Queen City a classic of its genre: It's rarely open, so call first. If, that is, you can find the number, which is not in the phone book.

Best Place to Get Rid of Your Old Art
2019 15th St., Boulder

If that psychedelic Peter Max original no longer fits your house-in-the-'burbs, 2.5-kids lifestyle, perhaps you should take it to Judd and Judy Golden's ARTcycle and let them sell it for you. This shop (right around the corner from the Pearl Street Mall) is full of quality art just waiting for the right person to come along. Spotted at last visit were a signed M.C. Escher woodcut, an ink drawing by Picasso, a James Balog photograph, a Rance Hood painting and a Gorman lithograph. The Goldens keep consignment pieces for a maximum of ninety days, so the stock is constantly changing. Bring in your old stuff and chances are good you'll roll out of ARTcycle with something new to your liking.

Best Art Poster Selection
Z Gallerie
Larimer Square

Californian-Coloradans pining for some of that West Coast culture already know Z Gallerie, famous for its smart home accessories and slipcover sofas. So when an outlet opened last winter in Larimer Square, residents new to the state--and, face it, the rest of us on a decorating budget--let loose a mass, Californicated hurrah. Why? Z Gallerie is poster central, selling sophisticated images, framed and unframed, at surprisingly affordable prices. It carries vibrant Picasso prints, Raphael angels, photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe and Ansel Adams, and more--in long, short, square and gargantuan sizes suited to any wall space. Decorating those wide open spaces was never so easy.

Best Custom Picture Frames
ABC Books & Posters
2550 S. Colorado Blvd.

The employees at ABC Books & Posters take as much time as necessary to help you select just the right frame and mat, whether it be for an heirloom photograph or a $10 poster. And you'll need plenty of help, if only to sort through the myriad frame types and matboard colors. Their expertise doesn't come cheap, but you can cut corners by selecting from an assortment of frames that ABC buys in bulk.

Best Revisionist History
Photo-Imaging Consultants
3217 W. Hampden Ave., Englewood

You have dozens of treasured old photographs. Unfortunately, you no longer treasure the ex-mate who appears in them. Photo-Imaging Consultants to the rescue! Using digital retouching services provided by this company, photo labs around town can erase the unwanted spouse, replacing him or her with a more significant other. Although the process can also be used to fix torn or damaged photos, its real value lies in repairing tattered egos.

Best Help for a Case of Arrested Development
Rocky Mountain Film Lab
145 Madison St.

During spring cleaning this year, you unearthed that hideous straw tote you bought on your Mexican vacation several years ago--and discovered it's still toting a few rolls of film you never dropped off at the store. Rocky Mountain Film Lab has the solution. One of the few labs in the country that specializes in old film, it vows to process just about anything. You might have to wait a while for your prints, since the lab tries to accumulate a batch of a certain type of film before it mixes the required chemicals. But what's a few weeks when you've procrastinated this long?

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