Best Jockey
Janeen Painter
The Pennsylvania native is riding her third season at Arapahoe Park, and while she finished fourth in wins last season, she was leading 1995's local jockey colony at press time. Painter is widely admired for her strong hands, her ability to rate a horse over a distance of ground and her track-smart, hard-driving runs to the wire. Arizona racing fans also know her well: She was among the riding leaders in 1995 at Turf Paradise in Phoenix.

Best Local Fishin' Hole
Quincy Reservoir
18350 E. Quincy Ave., Aurora

Anglers in search of something big and plentiful will be perfectly happy at Quincy, where humongous tiger muskie, crappie and hatchery-raised bass mingle in the man-made deep. Quincy is close by and literally swims with fish. Plus it's smaller, with less potential for human company than the more heavily used Aurora Reservoir.

Readers' choice: Chatfield Reservoir

Best Little-Known Local Fishin' Hole
Lowell Ponds
56th Ave. and Lowell Blvd.

Feeling lucky? Lowell Ponds, located just off I-76 in Adams County, are not only convenient, they're also nicely stocked with crappie and bluegill that are all just dying to snap up your bait. Featuring a cast of thousands.

Best Quickie Fishing Getaway
South Platte River at Deckers
If river fishing in a mountain setting is to your liking, the drive to Deckers, southwest of Sedalia on Highway 67, is exceptionally pretty, and it's a doable day trip to boot. Fishing boot, that is. Strap 'em on. And if the day is good and you find just the right pool, the South Platte ought to be running with a crafty commune of rainbow and brown trout. One word of advice: For the reasons detailed above, Deckers is a favorite party spot. The fishing is usually the best--and most relaxed--midweek.

Best Fishing Expedition
Jenny and Yankee Doodle lakes
High above Boulder, in the rugged shadow of Rollins Pass, these pristine mountain lakes are accessible to citified fisherfolk, just so long as they don't mind hiking in a mile or so with their tackle and gear. It's the ultimate mountain fishing experience, sans the tent and 100-pound backpack. If you've got four-wheel drive, all the better.

Best Place to Flip a Disc
Edora Park
Fort Collins

This eighteen-hole beaut was built in 1991 to accommodate disc golf, the hottest new alternative sport this side of snowboarding, in which new-age duffers attempt to hurl souped-up Frisbees into metal baskets. And Edora has everything a spin doctor could want: plenty of water hazards and strategically placed trees for tight maneuvering, but also several holes that require monster drives over gargantuan expanses of manicured grass. First-timers may need a little help figuring out where the pins are--maps are for wimps is the governing principle on this par-72 layout--but once you've played it, you'll want to go around--and around--again.

Best Place to Get Free Frisbees
Memorial Park
5900 Allison Ct., Arvada

If you're willing to get your feet wet, a veritable trove of sunken treasures awaits in the northern suburbs. The disc-golf course next to Arvada's city offices was designed by sadists who placed practically every pin next to Ralston Creek, which rampages through the park, waiting to swallow up wayward projectiles. On any given day, you can find golfers in the creek, Reeboks off and pants rolled up, in search of their slipped discs. They may even find them--unless you get there first.

Best Hole on a Public Golf Course
No. 13, Eagle Golf Club
1200 Clubhouse Dr., Broomfield

Grab some air. This 427-yard par-4 runs entirely uphill, and to get there you must avoid hitting your drive into one of two bunkers 220 yards down the right side of the fairway and one 230 yards down the left side. And try to miss that 200-yard-long ditch on the right, okay? That done, now loft your second shot toward a severely left-and-forward-sloping green with another trap situated front-left. Okay so far? Did you miss the other bunker to the right of the green? Fine. Now try to read the wicked breaks in the green and two-putt. Good. Four. Now, how about the six lakes and 61 remaining bunkers that lurk along the rest of this Dick Phelps-designed layout?

Readers' choice: No. 13, Arrowhead

Best Out-of-the-Way Driving Range
Old West Driving Range
14771 Morrison Rd., Morrison

For those golfers among you who'd rather work on your game without dozens of other duffers analyzing (and snickering at) your every swing, this is your dream range. Just off Highway C-470, Old West is located in a scenic and fairly isolated area next to Old West Stables (a popular place to rent horses) and a good distance from the scrutiny of wiseacres. Prices are good, too: A bucket of seventy balls will run you $4, and if you purchase nine buckets, you get a tenth free.

Best Run for Your Money
The Leukemia Society's "Team in Training" program
It's a classic tradeoff: Ambitious Denver-area runners get a chance to work with expert personal trainers and then be shipped off to major marathons around the country. But first, they must donate at least $2,500 to the Leukemia Society for the benefit of leukemia patients. The runners get to fulfill their long-distance dreams, while leukemia research and patient-aid programs get a boost.

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