Executive director Weisberg also sounds conciliatory. "It's difficult to get traditional Cajun bands to come to Colorado, because not many of them tour, but we would love to do so," he says. "It's right in line with the kinds of things we do. And we think a lot of Linda. We probably give her name out weekly to people looking for a musician or teacher, and I would love to have both her and Louis involved with us again."

The Carts like the sound of that, but they fear that these offers are mere lip service, since they've not been called by either Carson or Weisberg since their Cajun mission began. "And I don't believe what they're saying about it being hard to contact traditional Cajun bands that tour," Linda states. "We've offered them phone numbers and demo tapes, and they haven't responded.

"With all things Cajun being trendy right now, restaurants and music organizations are trying to capitalize on it," she adds. "But a lot of what's called Cajun jambalaya around here is terrible, and a lot of what's called Cajun music isn't Cajun at all. So we want to do all we can to spark an interest in the real thing.

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