Gallo is due well-earned plaudits for his gifted writing and his efforts in plumbing the depth of the human spirit.

Rolf O. Norstog

Promise Them Anything...
Regarding Kenny Be's June 21 Worst-Case Scenario:
Promise Keepers--70,000 guilt-ridden losers.

Fifty-five dollars a person, $3,850,000 gross receipts. And Pope McCartney goes to work for a waterbed company. Could they make a soap opera out of this?

How many nonbelievers, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and agnostics were watching on TV, silently chuckling to themselves?

Lawrence C. Farnan

Isn't it interesting that we had a beautiful warm day in Denver on Gay Pride Day on the 25th, but the Promise Keepers' last day had so much rain that many people left early and had to hear the closing ceremony on the radio?

For those who believe in a God who can and does intervene in the weather and our lives, whom do you think He was smiling on, and what do you think it means?

All that praying didn't keep the rain away.
Name withheld on request

Radio Daze
Regarding Michael Roberts's "Dial `M' For Mediocre," in the May 31 issue:
Double pay for Michael Roberts in return for (a) a superb profile of Denver radio and (b) having to listen to all that bad Denver stuff. Wow!

Small suggestion: When anyone needs a sanity fix after being exposed to Hal or Floorwax or Limbaugh, etc., give KCFR another chance. It does three things KUVO and KVOD don't:

(1) All Things Considered each afternoon (NPR)

(2) Excellent newscasts on the hour--important news, not cutesie drivel as from TV (NPR)

(3) NPR Saturday and Sunday programs like Weekend Edition. Again, top radio talent. Solid stuff.

And that blessed relief from classical music--especially Mozart at noon every weekday with Flanagan or Samson. Yes!

Pat Bourgeron

Oh, Seance, Can You See?
Regarding Arthur Hodges's "Political Seance," in the May 31 issue:
I'd like to comment on Mr. Hodges's quotes in regard to Francie Miran, director of the Commission on Aging, buying T-shirts for seniors. I had the pleasure of co-chairing the Spring Into Health conference for older adults. Through generous sponsorships, approximately 400 participants enjoyed an informative day of exercise, walking and seminars on numerous health topics.

Francie was responsible for the budget aspect of the event (thank goodness!). Sponsorships and expenditures were handled through the office of Human Rights and Community Relations.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify Mr. Hodges's information.
Connie Larscheidt

State of Exhaustion
Regarding the June 21 Letters column:
I know that Northglenn is a long way from the rest of the world, so Harold Hodges probably hasn't heard that gas prices in other countries are five times what they are in the USA.

The RTD subsidies Hodges mentions are a pitiful drop in the bucket compared to the billions we spend keeping the gulf open and keeping fuel prices artificially low here in the United States so Harold can tool around in his gas hog.

My family came to Colorado from Los Angeles in 1968 to get away from the mess they were making there, only to see it happen again here. Our destiny is to be submerged in an ocean of cars; even I admit it. Automobiles are the lifeblood of our nation.

In response to Mr. Hodges's amusing suggestion that I "straddle a hot exhaust pipe," I would suggest that he unwrap his lips from around the same exhaust pipe for just a minute and take a last look at the Front Range before the pavement takes over completely.

R. Metz

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