ters managed to miss such landmarks as the Terminal Annex, the last few bums now sharing the alleys with puking frat boys, and the bottle-breaking sprees that mark the area at bars' closing time--when the News had already left the area.)

True connoisseurs, however, will always savor this vintage Ambrose from September, titled Pass the Mushrooms: "We call the section Western Adventure," Ambrose wrote, "and boy do we have an adventure for you! I mean, are you brave and daring enough to try some mushroom hunting? Hey, I'm not putting it down; I like to eat mushrooms, and I'd like to know enough about plucking them out of the woods to be assured I wouldn't be poisoned come eating time. Enough fishing, hunting, river-rafting, mountain-climbing, hang-gliding and the rest. Turn to Page 24B and get into mushroom hunting."

The man who penned those immortal words has been "promoted" to Washington, where he will have an Eastern Adventure as chief editorial writer for the Scripps Howard News Service. Imagine the insight he'll bring to the 1996 elections. Think what he can do with the latest news of Newt.

Pass the 'shrooms.

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