You'd have to travel to Italy to find a more authentic pizza crust, though. The airy, oblong disk of dough, which hangs over the platter it's served on, is cooked to a delicate crisp, then covered with innovative toppings. After considerable discussion, we ordered the bourbon and beef ($10.95), an inspired matchup of grilled sirloin, Maker's Mark steak sauce, grilled onions, Roma slices and white cheddar cheese.

After all that, we somehow still had room for dessert--and ordered three of them. The sour-cream apple pie ($3.95) looked innocent enough, but a dense pocket of cheeselike sour cream made it deliciously deadly. The pecan pie ($3.95) was a gooey deep-dish take on the old recipe, studded with tons of nuts. The clear winner, though, was the "really stout" sundae ($4.95): a large triangle of fudgy brownie made with stout, topped with stout ice cream and slashed with stout chocolate sauce, for the truly stout of stomach.

On our way out, we could barely fit those stomachs through the bar crowd that now spilled out the door and onto the walkway leading to the warehouse-sized room in back, where the ChopHouse spreads out a tailgate picnic of barbecue and brews on game nights and days. Even when the Rockies are on the road, though, the restaurant is packed with an amazing cross-section of Denverites.

Location Info


Denver ChopHouse & Brewery

8700 Pena Blvd., Terminal A
Denver, CO 80249

Category: Restaurant > Steakhouse

Region: East Denver

The people-watching helps the wait go quickly. Of course, so does the fact that your destination is so delicious.

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