9. One of the above critics, Ralph Underwager, is often referred to as the "hired gun" for the defense in child-abuse cases. His self-purported academic brilliance was the subject of an expose by another professional in the field who was sued by Underwager for defamation. Underwager lost.

10. Dr. Haynes-Seman does not decide the outcome of any case in which she testifies. Judges do.

David B. Savitz

I must commend Westword and Michelle Dally Johnston for your work in exposing a tax-supported evil such as the Kempe Center.

A horrible fact: There is child abuse. It is also child abuse when overzealous professionals disregard reasonable and common-sense rationale to conclude that a child is abused.

I am familiar with numerous families ripped apart and destroyed by these same "hocus-pocus" assessments.

One family had contacted the Kempe Center (it being identified as the "expert" in child-abuse identification) to defend themselves against a false allegation in a custody dispute. The Kempe Center's response to the request for an assessment was, "We don't usually do evaluations for that side of a case." In other words, if you are evaluated by the Kempe Center, you can be sure the assessment will be that the child has been abused.

These are the "experts" providing the training in recognizing child abuse for the Department of Social Services and Child Protection. Social workers, teachers in public schools, psychotherapists and psychologists are being trained and presented with this same dangerous literature that has no scientific basis--only their own twisted theory and opinion.

I believe all are horrified when a child is abused. We do not need another abuse to children and families by self-serving agencies unethically identifying abuse for their own self-serving existence. What must these "professionals" have in their backgrounds to have such distorted logic? It's no wonder the child-abuse industry is out of control and under scrutiny. Children are suffering another form of abuse when they are needlessly separated from parents and placed in therapy for abuse that never occurred.

Hopefully, our legislators, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, the State Board of Mental Health Professionals and the State Board of Psychology will recognize the need and importance for enforced laws and review to hold this area of mental health responsible and accountable. Without any controls there is no accountability. How can our tax dollars continue to flow to agencies with no regulation?

Barbara Uhland

Thank you for the investigation of the Kempe Center, which specializes in teaching scenarios to children!

Request that the Colorado Attorney General investigate county social services, in particular in Weld County, where it is claimed that lawyers must obey the law, but Social Services doesn't! They ignore the law, make decisions prior to hearings, display gender bias and are sadly incompetent.

Request that the Colorado Bar Association take action against judges, prosecutors and guardians ad litem, who regularly violate the Constitution by reaching decisions prior to hearings and who threaten that you will never see your children unless family members perjure themselves to agree with flawed conclusions of psychologists who fail to investigate facts.

Don't confuse children by assuming they are lying or telling the truth. Usually they do not know the truth in abuse cases but fantasize input from dozens of sources to make statements to please caseworkers.

Protect the children--not your egos and pocketbooks! Protect the family--do not hurt them emotionally, financially and physically.

Jane Kathryn Conrad

My response to the Kempe Center article is that hell, obviously, hath no fury compared to a family under attack by a functional(?) therapist given full rein to do analysis, in any manner, that is fully sanctioned by an agency within an unaccountable child-abuse system/industry with deep pockets of taxpayers' dollars.

Who coined "Believe the Children," often seen on bumper stickers? Wasn't it the therapists, social workers, the so-called child savers? Clare Haynes-Seman obviously doesn't "believe the children."

Don't you just weep for the children in the story? Is this what we call child protection? Don't you just weep for the parents and grandparents? Is this what the "system" calls family preservation?

In 1980 Congress passed Pub. Law 97-272, which was written to protect children from system abuse and abusers in the system. The Kempe Center has been around since the early Seventies; Haynes-Seman has been around since the early Eighties. Some twenty years or more have passed, and today we read an article such as "Do You See What I See?" that clearly states how our system of abuse and abusers has gone amok.

The solution to this is for the 1996 Colorado General Assembly to enact laws holding the child-abuse industry (i.e., dysfunctional agencies and personnel) fully accountable for their abusive injustices against family (i.e., children/parents). It is time to stop funding dysfunctional therapists, social workers and the agencies that have hit an all-time low in their manner of protecting children and preserving their families.

Norma Hill
Colorado Coalition of Concerned Families

Please accept my and the children's gratitude for publishing our story in "Do You See What I See?"

I was sickened that Bruce LaBute pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, which were approved by the judge and district attorney. What were LaBute's crimes? He hung my son upside down by his scrotum, by his neck. He stifled his screams with a pillow. LaBute sexually molested my daughter. Not only did he accuse me of such crimes, he accused the kids, too, saying a seven-year-old girl seduced him and assaulted her brother. He got a three-year jail sentence. He will get out in two years. I suppose he will be put on home detention even sooner. The children spent more time in foster care. Justice is foiled!

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