And they continue to accuse and suspect me and deny a father's right.
What can I do except damn everyone involved? The judges, Social Services, lawyers and psycho-babblers. The University of Colorado's Kempe Center, the state and a governor who ignores Colorado families subjected to these abuses. In Jefferson County District Court, truth is a fugitive, justice is a stranger and honesty is a leper. The child saviors at the Jefferson County Department of Social Services destroy innocent families, fathers, mothers and children in their misguided and incompetent haste to manage a welfare state. It can happen to you or your neighbor. And the taxpayers get the exact opposite of what they pay for...a system that abuses kids.

James Plunkett

Lip Shtick
Regarding John Jesitus's "Jill Out," in the August 2 issue:
Only in the sexually correct Nineties could a female singer come out (pardon the pun) with a song named "I Kissed a Girl" and then complain, with support from outraged columnists and readers, that journalists are inquiring, as Jesitus so pompously puts it, into her "personal affairs." Instead of puffing about "voyeuristic" journalism, it would be more interesting to note how Jill Sobule decided, apparently correctly, that the quickest way to generate interest in her singing would be to take a page from the book of Etheridge and exhibitionistically hint at lesbianism in one of her songs. "I kissed a girl, and I might do it again."(!) Gosh, Jill, be sure and keep us posted.

Joe Conder

Cassettes R Us
If Michael Roberts ever finds out the answer to his August 9 Feedback question "What would a review column be without a fresh cassette from the R Band?" please let us know. He seems to have fixated on this facile rhetoric. It's not a very creative squib. Maybe it's one of those subtle signs of burnout associated with the execrable biz of writing weekly critiques about local low-budget recording projects. Westword probably has him doing all sorts of demeaning jobs for a paycheck. Give him a break!

Rory Bonnet
R Band, Castle Rock

Green Achers
This is in response to Mr. Boyd's trashing of Green Day in the July 26 Letters column. Because Billie Joe has an eerie resemblance to Joe Strummer, people tend to think they're a rebirth of the Clash, which is crap. The members of Green Day have admitted they were influenced by the Clash but were also influenced by the Knack, cow punk, 999 and the Pogues. Frankly, it's a far cry from the copycats and the reiterated bands Denver has to offer. Green Day's latest album, Dookie, is all about survival, taking the one life you have as it comes and dealing with it. Although I have not bought any of the other artists Mr. Boyd refers to as crap, I do know he has not bought any Green Day, or he would not be inclined to trash them. So, Mr. Boyd, what apathetic, nihilistic, whiny band are you in, if any?

Name withheld on request

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