Given the great diversity displayed in The Nude--65 photographers whose work spans nearly a century and who have employed more than a dozen techniques--it's tempting to think you've seen it all. Until, that is, you get a load of David Zimmer's highly individual work in Photographs, an exhibit now on display in the recently created alternative-space-within-an-alternative-space, the Associate Members Gallery at Pirate gallery. In Zimmer's work, creepy and fetishistic images, often in multiples, are printed on the black grounds of exposed photographic paper. Using a large-format production camera with a homemade fish-eye lens, Zimmer produces what he calls "high-tech pinholes." The imagery of the photos--nudes, insects, archaic scientific instruments--echoes that of Zimmer's recently exhibited box sculptures.

Zimmer, seen by many as the logical successor in the local arena of outre photography to the late Wes Kennedy (Denver's own Mapplethorpe), has only in the last year or so emerged as an art star. And this current show is being widely regarded--justifiably so--as an unqualified triumph, with tremendous word of mouth and sales to match. It's a rare chance to see a first-rate local artist at the very beginning of his promising career.

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