Rosenman wasn't feeling too good after Webb doomed the paraboloid. "The work that the commission performs is guided by a principled, positive value placed on preservation," he wrote in a resignation letter. "It is a value that exists even when property owners are in opposition. This value is borne of the understanding that preserving is neither peripheral to, nor in conflict with, economic development. It is precisely because of issues like Zeckendorf Plaza that this city has a landmark ordinance. If buildings were not threatened by developers and owners who only affect civic responsibility, there obviously would be no need for this protection under the law."

Elitch's officially has no comment concerning Webb's announcement, but it has protested before--loudly--whenever anyone has suggested that it does not intend to preserve the theater, in one spot or another.

Although preservationists say the theater could not survive a move, in Denver today anything's possible. Coming soon to an abandoned airport near you: a city-subsidized theme park devoted to relocated design dinosaurs. A true Jurassic parking lot.

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