Though made the old-fashioned way, Bumiller's paintings have a thoroughly contemporary effect. This is the result of her elaborate compositions, her frequent use of the multipanel format, and the organic lines she uses as a vehicle to explore the contrast between light and dark--features all easily seen in the gleaming and beautiful diptych "Open Book."

Bumiller's output is prolific: The Arvada Center show features fifteen paintings, nearly all of them major works. Her brushwork is precise and confident, which helps to display the expert color development she achieves by allowing several different colors to come together in a single tone. And she innately understands how to construct a successful composition, always retaining a sense of clarity no matter how densely she populates her pictures with formal elements.

These three compelling shows help to demonstrate the considerable breadth of current abstract art out here in the West. And though it's easy to see how Lippincott, Hammond and Bumiller may relate to one another (they're all painters, after all), the real moral of these shows is how each artist has taken her own unique and personal--in Hammond's case, perhaps too personal--route to success.

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