Monday October 30 The big bang: Something out of the ordinary will take place this evening at 7 at the Tivoli Turnhalle Opera House, located in the Tivoli Student Union, Auraria campus. That's when Slave to the Machine, best described as a sculptural performance piece, commences, with artists and musicians powering a series of kinetic sculptures created by John Bromfield. Featuring a machine-like aesthetic balanced by a spontaneous, human element, the performance will benefit the Colorado AIDS Project and the American Cancer Society. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted; call 781-0787.

Tuesday October 31 Sowing Oates: On Halloween proper, what you really need is a good serial sex killer story. Renowned author Joyce Carol Oates--a prolific mainstream pensmith who's no slouch with the macabre (as evidenced in such past tomes as them and Black Water)--will read from her new novel Zombie, written as the diary of a paroled nutcase, Quentin P. The next Silence of the Lambs? Maybe worse. Check it out: 7:30 p.m. at the Tattered Cover, 2955 E. 1st Ave. Numbers for a place in line will be given out beginning at 6:30; call 322-7727 for more information.

At the hip hop: It's hip-hop heaven tonight at McNichols Arena, where a full roster of cool crooners, sexy belters and raucous rappers, including Naughty by Nature, Adina Howard, Notorious B.I.G. and others, will convene at 7 p.m. Sitting on top of it all are the smoothly harmonizing headliners, R&B group Jodeci, and New Jack diva Mary J. Blige, an exceptional modern voice weaned in Yonkers on Sam Cooke and the O'Jays. Tickets, $25 and $30, can be purchased by calling 830-

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