The "news": "Ladies and gentlemen, give me your attention. Hey! I said I need you to listen up for a minute. MarkAir has gone bankrupt again, so this airplane isn't going anywhere. You can claim your luggage back at the terminal."

That was it. Anyone with questions was treated like he might be in possession of heroin--instead of a worthless MarkAir ticket.

"Why are you here?" the traveler asked the cop.
"To protect the MarkAir people."
A nice notion, although by now there were no MarkAir people to protect. But at least Denver officials were consistent. In all the deals at DIA, the city has always protected the wrong people--the wrong airlines, the wrong lawyers. And never the people of Denver, those condemned to use this airport.

Sure, those people took a chance buying MarkAir tickets on the cheap, but Denver has made its share of dumb deals. And with United dominating the market and driving up fares, flyers don't have much choice.

Denver did.

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