"`Win or lose, I'll retire,' he said. So, after another Super Bowl breakdown by the Broncos' defense, resulting in 32 Carolina points in the third quarter, Elway is gone, and Aikman and the Carolina Panthers are world champions. Meanwhile, Ogallala, Nebraska, the state of professional football looks to be more unsettled than ever. The move of the San Francisco 49ers to Guam promises to make league scheduling more difficult than ever next year, and there still aren't enough motel rooms in the entire state of North Dakota to accommodate fans of the new Fargo Dolphins.

"And hello, Barrow, Alaska. This is Larry King Live. I know you have no little trouble filling the Nanook Dome with frenzied Packers fans every Sunday afternoon, but when nobody can get their cars started afterward, what's the city to do? Veteran commentator John Madden of NFL on MTV called the Larry King Live program last Thanksgiving to tell us his motor home was stranded out in the parking lot, and for all we know, he's still there. I just hope John's supply of turkey drumsticks holds up until the tow trucks can get through.

"All right. That's it for this segment of Larry King Live. Georgia Frontiere will be joining me in a moment to take your phone calls. That means you, Belgrade Lakes, Maine, and you, Budapest, Hungary. In the meantime, here's to the Carolina Panthers, the defeated but brave L.A. Broncos and the Mile High City's brand-new team for next season, the Denver Falcons. And their new head coach, Bill McCartney.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Larry King Live. Be sure to tune in again tomorrow night for part two of our post-Super Bowl look at the state of the National Football League. My guest will be NFL Commissioner O.J. Simpson, who has some very interesting things to say about what team is where, what time it actually arrived and how many bags the players really took to the airport. You won't want to miss it.

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