He made his deadline, but barely.
"Lang came in," Pichon recalls, "and said, `Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is that there's no bad news.' Then he said, `You know, you shouldn't be here.'

"I said, `Thank God.' So I signed this paper saying that I wouldn't hold Jefferson County responsible for false imprisonment, and they let me go." It was 10:50 p.m.

"I gave him a quarter to call a cab," says Lang, who two weeks ago received a commendation for his work on the case. "I didn't even ask if he already had one. I figured it was the least we could do."

But that late on New Year's Eve, no cab was available. Pichon didn't want his wife to pick him up, either--a random sobriety stop and another check on his identification could have proved problematic. So he started walking east along Highway 6. After about twenty minutes he was picked up by two men who'd been drinking and gambling in Central City. They dropped him off on Sheridan Boulevard, and Douglas Pichon walked home.

"I'm not sure I understand all of this," says Miskell, still looking at his computer screen at the Kansas Department of Corrections. "All I know is that we still have an outstanding warrant for a guy named Douglas Pichon. And it's obvious there's a Douglas Pichon living in the Denver area who we're not looking for. So do you know where we can find William Winfrey?"
According to Denver police records, William "Butch" Winfrey, who has a rap sheet approximately nine pages long, has most recently been going by the alias Kenneth Gunkel. He was arrested in Denver on June 11, 1995, for disturbing the peace and loitering. Unaware the man was wanted in Kansas, Denver police released him the following day.

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