Roll On

Taxi drivers, taxi passengers. Until Mayor Wellington Webb intervened last month, taxi drivers had to endure long waits for fares--only to get stiffed on tips after passengers discovered the cost of a ride downtown. Since Webb intervened, the drivers still endure long waits, but at least have porta-potties that don't tip over in the wind.

Business flyers. Thanks to competition from such upstarts as Frontier, there are deals to be had at DIA. Just don't try to have them without a Saturday-night stay--which means many economically minded corporations are having their midweek meetings elsewhere.

The media. Less than a month remained to DIA's much-ballyhooed March 1, 1994, opening date when the media finally caught on to the fact that the automated baggage system was eating luggage. And by then, it was too late for the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post to stop their special commemorative DIA editions. Not, however, that the boosterish copy read very differently from the stories that had gone beforeEor since.

Stapleton. Who'd have dreamed we'd ever be nostalgic for the old, paid-off, close-by place?

Let the good times unroll.

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