Mouthing Off

Meanwhile, Coors has more important things on its little corporate head, namely, plummeting stock prices. In February, the brewery posted losses on its Class B stock--the one that is publicly traded--that represented a 47 percent decline in 1995 fourth-quarter net income from the same quarter last year. And what does Coors blame it on? Zima, of course, which turned out to be zomething ztupid after all.

And in more brewpub news, media schmoozester extraordinaire Hickenlooper plans to brighten the days and nights of downtown Des Moines, Iowa, by opening a brewpub there sometime this summer. According to a recent article in the Des Moines Register, Mayor Wellington Webb wrote a testimonial letter last year that noted: "HickenlooperEplayed an important role in the revitalization of Denver's historic Lower Downtown district, and, indeed, in the entire downtown." The Raccoon River Brewery will be Des Moines' second microbrewery.

Tired of relying on these guys to make your beer? Brew your own in the privacy of Denver's first personal microbrewery, Brewmeisters at 4101 East Evans Avenue. The cost is $70 to $125--depending on the recipe used--for 72 22-ounce bottles, and the benefit of doing it this way instead of at home is that somebody else does all the sterilizing and cleaning up. Owner Bill Hugo offers fifty ways to leave your sobriety, including lagers, stouts, porters, ales and wheat beers. This is good news for those of us who for years have trucked down to Colorado Springs to visit Sharkie's , until now the only personal microbrewery in the area.

Last, but not yeast, Guinness once again offers the "Win Your Own Pub in Ireland" contest to coincide with St. Paddy's Day. Call 1-800-ITS MY PUB for more info.

--Kyle Wagner

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