Good People

Everyone has stories about Greg Lopez, but no one has his talent for finding just the right one to capture a life.

You could find irony in the fact that Greg's last column was about a man who'd been in a car wreck--but that would have been too easy an insight for Greg himself to write. Life, as he made clear in his stories, is never that predictable. Besides, those looking for facile symbolism would be stymied by the fact that Greg spent three hours on Friday interviewing Jack A. Weil, the founder of Rockmont Ranchwear. Next week Jack will be 95, a milestone that would have been commemorated by a Greg Lopez column. Greg himself was stopped sixty years short of that mark.

They stopped to look back at the morning.
"We'll have to do this again," he said.
"I think we already have," she said. "But let's do it anyway. It's joyous.

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