Millions Served

So on Saturday Long will host his rally, and two weeks later he hopes to have the 1-Stop open for business, providing jobs for fifty kids and hope for many more. His project has Jeff X's blessing. Although Jeff X says he doesn't plan to do anything with Simmons right now, he and "the Panaceans are all very much together." In fact, Yusef Dakari, who's been working with Jeff X (and who caused so much consternation when he proposed using a federal grant to start an Afrocentric school), held a press conference on Long's property last week. Dakari said he wanted to clear up confusion about the black community for the press--not that the dailies or TV stations covered his confab. "He's trying to take all the negative that he had and bring it back to positive," explains Long. Even Long's partner in the project was a member of Jeff X's coalition.

But Long hasn't heard from Jamal X or Simmons (who did not return Westword's calls, either). "So far, those two haven't come to us yet," he says. "But they're on a different page. You're not going to see me on the front page. You can just come down to the property and see what we're doing.

"When it's all over, we'll all be together as one."
One in a million.

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