A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Forum As a Forum graduate, I agree with both sides of Steve Jackson's story on Landmark Education Corporation ("It Happens," April 11). I definitely found value in the seminar: The Forum packages their concepts

Briggs Gamblin

I could not help but contrast Bill Gallo's column on Jackie Robinson with what Patricia Calhoun wrote in the same issue about the infighting in the Million Man March movement ("Millions Served," April 18). Isn't it time to end all this talk and, like Robinson, actually do something?

Stacy Romero

Are You a Man or a Mouth?
A big thank-you to Michael Roberts for his April 11 "The Mouths That Roar." There is nothing more obnoxious than these "unknown comic" wannabes. My only question to Mike is: Where were the two from KIMN? Dom and whatever her name is (Jo something?). I guess they are so bad that Mike fell asleep listening to them and couldn't rate/review them! While not real controversial, they are the most boring, inane and stinkin' duo on the air.

While I'm at it, congrats to the Hawk, and keep up the good work. No idiotic contests, no superhype patter, no brain-damaged jocks. Just good music, then good useful information, then back to good music. May KKHK's ratings soar like a hawk.

Robert Self

I must commend Michael Roberts for his excellent articles over the past few months about Denver's radio stations. They are right on the money. The stations fall into two categories: The DJs are worthless and the music is good, or the music is worthless dribble while the DJs are great. Perhaps too much time and thought are spent on demographics--i.e., what a certain age group supposedly likes. I am in my forties, but that does not mean I like "classic rock." My kind of music is alternative/industrial/gothic, and I loathe the garbage some of these stations want us to listen to. NIN rules! Obviously, Hootie and the Blowfish aren't at the top of my list, and if I never hear another Alanis Morissette song, I will die a happy woman.

Please keep hammering away at the radio stations. Hopefully, they will catch on. Also, thanks for the updates on the Gothic Theatre. I really do miss this little venue.

Barbara Wasko

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