4. I have not been compelled to return to The Forum since my one experience in 1993. I got more than my money's worth and have continued to draw on its benefits without having to take more courses or volunteer my services. It's quite possible that Mr. Jackson would have come to the same conclusions if he had admitted himself freely to The Forum experience as an open-minded participant instead of writing a cynical report based on secondhand information.

Nancy Jones

If the intent of your Landmark article was to piss people off and create sensational journalism, then congratulations!--you were wildly successful. If, however, you had even the slightest inkling of shedding some light on the work that is done at Landmark Education Corporation, to say that you failed miserably would be a gross understatement.

As one of the world's great cynics, I only agreed to participate in The Forum after a long period of severe musical "writer's block." My first day, I sat angrily in my seat with a nasty, know-it-all look on my face (a look I'm sure you're quite familiar with). I began wondering, "What am I resisting?"--and then it came to me. I realized I might actually be wrong about The Forum--about the waste of time and money I'd preached that it was. I nervously raised my hand and explained my musical dilemma. Never had I felt so completely "heard." It was unfamiliar and amazing, and yes, I did have a breakthrough (not a four-letter word) with my music. I began writing songs again, still am (after nearly four years), and that's just one of the many benefits I received.

All people have issues hindering them from complete self-expression and fulfillment. The Forum allows people to address these issues in ways they'd never before considered, which often spawns experiencing the magic and beauty of life on a much deeper and more profound level. Skeptical as I was, if I had read your article before I did The Forum, I never would have done it. And you know what? I would be perfectly fine. That's right, fine. I just wouldn't be quite as powerful or have quite as much access to communication, love, tolerance, creativity and choices as I do now.

And that, Steve Jackson, would be quite a shame.
Debbie Schubert

Pretty Is As Pretty Does
I just finished reading Steve Boland's "Getting Pretty Hectic," in your April 25 Backbeat section. The article starts out saying they don't want to be labeled a girl band--so instead of reviewing or describing their musical abilities, Boland focuses on them being female musicians.

I felt let down. The only musical information given was "hyperactive, feel-good punk"; for me, that's not enough. A more in-depth musical review would have been greatly appreciated.

Seth Stevens

He Auto Know Better
I would like to offer my remarks to a couple of your letter writers in the April 11 issue:

An Aurora lady thinks the police shot an unarmed man. A Boulder man thinks an automobile is "a high-speed, large-velocity weapon."

Maybe the dead man didn't have a gun, but he certainly had a weapon. Every year more people are killed by motor vehicles than in any of our wars. The number of Colorado highway and street deaths on a three-day holiday staggers the mind!

If someone attacked me with an automobile, I would certainly try to defend myself with whatever was at hand.

Robert Taylor

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