Razin' in the Sun

Although Denver officials had known of Kummer's 1994 loss, that didn't stop the city from pushing for a DURA subsidy. In light of the judge's new ruling, though, Webb and Kummer came up with a thirteen-point checklist to make sure everything in Denver would remain on the up-and-up. Earlier this month, however, attorney Mary Celeste filed complaints with the EEOC on behalf of five local Adam's Mark employees--three of them black--claiming discrimination at Kummer's Denver hotel. And since then, at least three more people have joined in.

But all of this did not stop the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission from holding its January banquet at the Adam's Mark Hotel; and just two weeks ago the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver held its fiftieth anniversary celebration at the same venue.

If Webb really wanted to display Denver's commitment to preservation, he'd skip the Holtze and head those few blocks over to Zeckendorf--for a real look at history in the taking.

As Lewis Mumford wrote (and Gibbs quotes), "Architecture, like government, is about as good as a community deserves.

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