For his part, Fraska is more interested in holding the police accountable for their methods, which have come under close scrutiny of late as a result of disturbances on Federal Boulevard during the recent Cinco de Mayo celebration and a more recent ruckus at a Thomas Jefferson High School dance. "I've called the ACLU to tell them about it," he says. "I called all the news stations, too, to tell them that they missed a lot of details. They said they'd call me back, but they didn't. Which is about what you'd expect."

When Doug Kauffman of the nobody in particular presents promotions firm decided a while back to forego using Ticketmaster in favor of a relatively unknown ticketing service, Rocky Mountain Teleseat, he knew he was taking a risk. Luckily for him, it's worked out pretty well; his company continues to prosper despite Ticketmaster's near-monopoly in the ticketing world. But suddenly he's got a new problem. Teleseat's walk-up counters are located in King Soopers stores--and since employees at the grocery chain are on strike, concertgoers accustomed to picking up their tickets in person will have to cross a picket line in order to do so.

Thus far, Kauffman indicates that the strike hasn't hit his bottom line: "I checked it out, and I haven't noticed a significant decrease in sales." But, he says, "in the long run, it can't help"--especially in regard to several as-yet-unannounced alternative shows that will appeal to music fans apt to support labor rather than management. However, customers can get tickets at various independent businesses, including Wax Trax and Albums on the Hill, as well as through the Ogden Theatre box office (835-2525) or the main Teleseat number, 800-444-SEAT. As Kauffman puts it, "I just want to make people aware that tickets are available through other means, without crossing any picket lines. And if you get them through the Ogden, the service charges are lower."

Known for their bizarre press releases, the duo called the R Band has topped itself with its "R Band 1996 Wish List." Highlights of the roster include: "Commercial radio dies and is resurrected as something decent after truth of listenership numbers (0) is discovered by curious broadcasting client"; "Fat-old-farts in the rock sand box get out and stay out"; and "R BAND gets a 'Best of Westword' award for heckling other bands." Hey, you're stepping on my turf now.

On Saturday, May 25, it's the event you've been anticipating for so long--the International Drag Poets Ball at the Elks' Lodge Ballroom, 3rd and Coffman, in Longmont (call 970-785-0912 for more information). Among the performers eager to express themselves in your presence are Wryeteous Pybayk Jammbory, Atomic Elroy Juventino R. Manzano and the ever-popular Miss Understood and the Falsies. It's the real thing, baby.

Also. On Thursday, May 23, Steven Ray Liedlich, who concentrates on creating "acoustic music that won't bore you to death," headlines at the Blue Note Cafe. On Friday, May 24, Geggy Tah explains what the hell its name means at the Fox Theatre; the Hate Fuck Trio, Humanure, Old Bull's Needle and Hell's Half Acre make a racket at the Ogden Theatre; and Jux County plays for absolutely nothing at Boulder's Round Midnight. On Saturday, May 25, Five52Fern grows on you at Cricket on the Hill; Fe puts the accent in the right place at Penny Lane; Spiteboy gets even at the Oriental Theater, with Mutant Sad Face and Oh No Yo-Yo; and Shari Weissman is only one of many performers at the Boulder Creek Festival (call 331-2483 to learn more). On Tuesday, Durt and Brethren Fast put the pedal to the metal at the Boulder Theater, and the latest incarnation of the Band hits the Fox. And on Wednesday, May 29, Mah Tovu celebrates the release of Only This, a CD the bandmembers say is filled with "Jewish rock and roll," at the Bluebird Theater. Mazel tov.--Michael Roberts

Backbeat's e-mail address is Michael_Roberts

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