The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art's Perforum series continues on Saturday, June 1, with two promising events. Between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at the Boulder Farmer's Market, near 13th and Arapahoe, you'll have the chance to hear Jesse Manno, Beth Quist and James Hoskins playing music from the Balkans; the Heuristic Ensemble, an improvisational jazz group led by Farrell Lowe; and Rhythm-n-ing, an Afro-Cuban act featuring Tom Myer and Gregg Dyes. That evening at the museum, 1750 13th Street, the Boulder Creative Music Ensemble, led by Fred Hess and featuring Ron Miles, is the main attraction. Call 443-2122 if this paragraph has confused you in any way.

As if the rest of them didn't. On Thursday, May 30, Hazard, a spinoff from the Samples, presents a threat to you and yours at the Boulder Theater, with eitherigo, and the Alan Frederickson Jazz Ensemble is joined by reed-man Brian Ogilvie at the Centerfield Sports Bar, 2936 Fox Street. On Friday, May 31, Fragile X appears with Crack Daddy and Scrump at Cricket on the Hill at a benefit for, appropriately enough, the Fragile X Foundation; Veronica and Sissy Fuzz get mythological at Seven South; DJ Keoki and the Crystal Method smoke at the Bluebird Theater; the 'Vengers pick up Crumb at the Fox Theatre; the Denver Gentlemen open doors for Shawn Strub at the Mercury Cafe; and the Zukes of Zydeco, the Dalhart Imperials and the Colorado Cajun Dance Band celebrate the birthdays of KGNU radio and Eco-Cycle at the Boulder Theater. On Saturday, June 1, the aforementioned Mother Folkers perform their final 1996 show at Chautauqua Auditorium; Clay Kirkland and Richard Reed join forces at the Swallow Hill Music Hall; and Dave Gershen warbles at Common Grounds. On Sunday, June 2, Linda Maich performs at the Mercury; David Wilcox makes his 300th local appearance this year at an E-Town taping at the Boulder Theater, with the Nields and Baxter Black; and LIKEHELL plays like, well, you know, at the Lion's Lair. On Monday, June 3, Chitlin is served at the Fox, with Buzz Harvest. And on June 5, Michael Hill's Blues Mob hits Brendan's, and the Amirs (an El Espectro spinoff) rule at the Lion's Lair. Anyone for a jihad?

--Michael Roberts

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