Assuming, of course, that those quarterbacks are registered to vote. In the sort of snafu that should make Bowlen thank God he's got a year and a half to turn around his team's record, it recently was revealed that several Broncos weren't registered to vote. Included on the lineup of civic bench-sitters was John Elway, who'd just been to D.C. at the invitation of House Speaker Newt Gingrich to talk about the joys of independent auto dealerships and also to ponder the possibility of a political career. Hey, if Dick Lamm can look toward the White House, what's to stop Elway?

For starters, the fact that Elway, who's committed to finishing his football career in Colorado, was no longer registered to vote in this state. Bowlen's star quarterback quickly picked up the ball and got back on the rolls in Arapahoe County.

That makes one vote Bowlen can count on.

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