The Shooting Never Stopped

One day, a crew from The Shining showed up on Milwaukee Street. The block still hasn't recovered.

Darby McNeal, who doesn't have much contact with her neighbors, says the problem is not the Levandoskis but "people who decide they don't like something and they try to stop it. People have a right to live, goddamn it."

So, is anybody happy here? Erickson says she's "disappointed" about the way the mayor's film office, which is run by former Emergency actor Ron Pinkard, dealt with the complaints on Milwaukee.

"I just felt like he could have done a little more to calm them down and get all the facts and get my point of view," she says. "It came back to me that he had several conversations with people in the neighborhood before he'd ever given me a chance to defend myself. And that really hurt me."

"If she feels that way," Pinkard says, "I can't do anything about that. We looked at all the complaints, hopefully to the satisfaction of everyone."

There's been only one other complaint, by a woman living in the 1000 block of Humboldt, who groused about filming that took place in the 1100 block of the same street. "I called her as soon as Ron Pinkard paged me," Erickson says, "and she just went off on me. She said, 'We don't want filming in our neighborhood. We don't need it.' Hey, we weren't even filming in her neighborhood."

At any rate, Pinkard says, "those neighborhoods who have had an impact from The Shining will have a chance to rest, and we won't be going back into those neighborhoods anytime soon.

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