Still Crazy After All These Years

The names of the patriots have changed, but not their tune.

Decades later, Mullins is still out for Jews' blood. In a recent tract entitled J'Accuse!, currently making its way through the Internet, Mullins writes, "Today, in the United States, I accuse the federal government of planning and perpetrating the most horrible crimes, a series which culminated in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. This was a deliberate conspiracy by corrupt and treasonous elements in the federal agencies in Washington as part of a plan to provoke martial law, confiscate legal guns from American citizens, and to wipe out the citizens militia of the several states." His tract strongly implies that the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League were in cahoots: "All federal officials and ADL planners of these criminal syndicalist operations must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We can no longer allow these menaces to public safety to run amuck." He then calls for an investigation into "all memoranda" between the FBI and the ADL.

When it comes to Jews, Roberts's own monthly publication, Bulletin, goes just as far. Its main article for December 1994, "Controversy of Zion," is a reprint of the first chapter of a book by that title by Douglas Reed, whose thesis is that in 458 B.C., "the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah" produced a destructive, literally bloodthirsty "racial creed" that turned into Judaism. Jews consider the Levites their original law-givers, the teachers of the sacred Torah. Reed's take is slightly different. He writes that the Levites "began with the one just God of all men, whose voice had been briefly heard from the burning bush and in the course of five books of their written Law turned him into the racial, bargaining Jehovah who promised ter-ritory, treasure, blood and power over others in return for a ritual of sacrifice, to be performed at a precise place in a specified land." The Levites, according to Reed, sent "the followers of this creed on their way through the centuries with a destructive mission."

The next month's Bulletin expands on the theme with its top story, "Jews Who Run Clinton's Court." Adapted from an Israeli press story that proudly notes the presence of so many Jews in and around the White House, the article achieves a chillingly different slant through the use of footnotes. One passage of the story notes that the Six Day War, in which Jews routed Arabs in 1967, "first reawakened the Holocaust memories and then filled [Jews] with enormous pride." A footnote, decidedly not from the original Israeli story, adds: "Needless to say, these 'Holocaust Memories' are a fake." The second article in Roberts's six-page Bulletin for January 1995 is purely his own work: "The Mattoid Syndrome," adapted from his book The Anatomy of a Revolution, written in 1968. What's a mattoid? A dictionary defines it as "a person of unbalanced mind verging on insanity."

In Roberts's own words, "Contemporary history convincingly suggests that those who head the Federal Government are manipulated by mattoids--by men of unbalanced and dangerous brilliance. These hidden exploiters of the United States power structure apply an inverted psycho-eugenic science as a weapon against the people. They have, seemingly, perfected a sophisticated and systematized plan, incorporating brainwashing and genetic prostitution, to achieve soviet-style control over the American social order."

Genetics is a big theme for Colonel Roberts. He approvingly cites geneticist Edwin Conklin's conclusion that the "average ability of the Athenian race" between 500 and 300 B.C. "was, on the lowest estimate,...much greater than that of the English race of the present day, as the latter is above that of the African Negro." In a rant at least the equal of the fictional General Jack Ripper's lament in Dr. Strangelove about the loss of "our precious bodily fluids," Roberts warns of the "genetic decay" of civilization's "human foundations": "The shock troops for the American revolution of the 1960s are the same type of congenital savage, the same kind of eugenic degenerate, and the same rejected humanity employed to overturn the social order in France, in Russia, and in a succession of similar national convulsions."

Darned if Colonel Arch E. Roberts is going to let that happen to the United States. Proud to have served in World War II and Korea, father of five sons and four grandsons, he traces his own lineage back to the Mayflower and credits intensive research with leading him to the conclusion that America may be doomed. The whys and wherefores are complex, but certain events stand out for Roberts, chief among them the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. That opened the door for the "international bankers," guys with names like Schiff and Warburg and Rothschild. That was when America surrendered to the New World Order. And, he says, "there's no question many Jews are involved."

But the baddest present-day villain is best symbolized by the United Nations. "Over the years," Roberts says, "we have found that the U.N. is a subversive organization that aims to erect a socialist regime on the ruins of our republic."

Roberts talks of "the rage I felt after my experience in Korea, when I saw our dead buried under the U.N. flag." He throws strong support to serviceman Michael New, a modern-day U.S. soldier who rebelled against serving under a U.N. banner.

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