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Whine List
As much as I enjoy Kyle Wagner's regular mouth-off, I must take issue with a statement made in her July 4 iteration. Kyle expresses surprise at our receiving the winning nod from your readers for Best Wine List--Price in your June 27 Best of Denver edition, and she states that Enoteca LoDo's prices are "way up there." First of all, compared to whom? A chain restaurant with the same old Californian Chard/ Merlot/Cab hierarchy on its list? Considering the eclectic selection of wines we offer by the glass (eighty in all), I think you will find that our prices are very reasonable, if not downright cheap in some cases. Granted, we do have some expensive wines on our list, and although they are a very small part of our business, the demand for such indulgences seems to be there.

Second, surely it would be appropriate for your correspondents to give your loyal readers the benefit of the doubt in awarding the coveted Readers' Choice. I was going to hang something on our wall commemorating this wonderful achievement, but now that Kyle Wagner has set the record straight, I suppose I won't. Your readers must be wrong and these awards aren't worth the paper, etc., etc.

Simon F. Cocks, manager
Enoteca LoDo

Editor's note: For more sour grapes, see Kyle Wagner's Mouthing Off on page 51.

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