Cradle to Grave
Thank you for running Karen Bowers's August 22 article "Older but Bitter," about the shocking crimes of Wanda Crawford. My heart goes out to Troy, Selina and Stephanie De La Rosa. It is such a tragedy to have a healthy, happy baby hurt--especially by a caregiver.

The death penalty should be imposed. Wanda Crawford is a menace to society. The woman is a murderer: She has killed all chances of little Stephanie graduating from college, driving a car, going to a regular school, getting married, and having and caring for her own children.

I have two babies myself: one three months, the other 22 months. I love them so dearly I think I would kill anyone who hurt them. After reading this article I had tears pouring down my face. I felt so sad for the De La Rosas, but also so angry, too. How dare Wanda Crawford destroy a family, then plot to murder them, just so she could get out of jail to be with her husband? Hey, listen, Wanda honey: You do the crime, you do the time.

Troy, Selina and Stephanie, you will all be in my prayers. Good luck with your future plans. I hope you will still have more children; don't let this mar your view of the world.

Josephine Soanes

Wow! Karen Bowers's latest story gave me the chills. Who could imagine there was such evil in the world?

Elizabeth Vigil

Weed It and Weep
Although I have some very serious concerns on the design of the Weed and Seed/Neighbor to Neighbor model, I am perplexed by Todd Witcher's August 22 story, "Sowing Discontent." I grant you that the model of the program--creating grassroots action through a federal grant administered by the City of Denver--has plenty of flaws.

I am not familiar with some of the conflicts in four of the Weed and Seed neighborhoods, so I cannot comment on their validity (except to say that they are best kept and resolved in a meeting room rather than in the media). However, I am of the mind that Westword could pick on any one of hundreds of neighborhood programs or projects and find a similiar story. By nature, citizen and neighborhood projects create much conflict, as a divergence of opinions and personalities creates dissension.

There are almost always people willing to speak negatively of a particular program, and you will double their comments if you place a microphone in front of their faces. I fear that Westword's reporters, although sometimes latching onto important stories, are not out in the real world, but sitting at keyboards looking for dissenters.

Here in Capitol Hill, the problem in my estimation is not city or federal government, it is apathy of neighborhood residents. I challenge Westword to devote a section of the newspaper to highlighting positive community projects and volunteer opportunities.

Why don't you start by printing the phone number of the Capitol Hill Weed and Seed project (839-4859) for people who wish to get involved in volunteer efforts? Those include expansion of a community recreation center at Morey Middle School, citizen-led anti-crime efforts, and a push to establish a mobile health clinic in the neighborhood.

For if you are going to tear down some organizations, you are certainly responsible for building up others.

Jay Katz, past president
Neighborhood Partnership Team
Capitol Hill Weed and Seed/
Neighbor to Neighbor

Who's on First?
I hardly ever agree with a member of the numerous Webb family, whatever his/her office, but I have to side with First Lady Wilma Webb in her flap with KTLK talker Peter Boyles (Off Limits, August 8). Comparing Mrs. W to Mr. T was humorless and insulting. Her Ladyship looks no more like Mr. T than Westword editor Patty Calhoun looks like Ulu the polar bear.

That said, I would have advised Mrs. W to let the barb pass. We once had a governor who spoke many wise words, but the words that will be his epitaph are these: "It is your duty to stand up, dammit." Or something like that.

Seriously, Wilma, reverence for public servants is not a pillar of the republic. Americans love to stick pins in the ballooning egos of their leaders. "Besmirch the Queen and the horse she rode in on" is our motto. If you can't take the heat, stay in the kitchen.

As for the kneejerk charge of "racism and sexism," that is a far reach. The gibe was neither sexist or racist, but merely witless.

Nolan L. Nix

Are You on the Bus?
Regarding the August 22 Off Limits:
Jack McCroskey isn't leading anyone, as far as I know.

What many light-rail supporters don't seem to understand is that the federal government is broke, it doesn't have any money, and it can't keep running down to Kinko's to print more. One reason RTD has to go begging to the federal government for money to build light rail is because RTD's budgeting policies and procedures are so primitive that they waste at least $20 million every year. Had RTD saved that each year for the last six or eight years, it would have plenty to build light rail. (Money to operate it is another story.) The party's over, folks. There's no more free lunch. If you want a drink, you'll have to belly up to the bar and pay for it yourself.

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