If Books Could Kill...

Paladin Press notches a victory in the Hit Man case, but the fight isn't over.

Siegel will personally see to that. The attorney had scheduled an October 15 date to depose Lund--just in case Siegel had been successful in his arguments before Williams. And while that date will now have to be postponed, Siegel is champing at the bit, ready for his shot at Paladin's founder. "I want to be across the table from Peder Lund," Siegel says. "I want him to answer depositions. And I'll get him. Sooner or later, it's gonna be me and him."

And the case, which already has gained public attention, is likely to get even more. Lund did not respond to Westword's request for an interview, but he is speaking to the press: Kelley confirms that his client last week granted an interview to Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.

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