Speaking of L.A., Denver's Dave Delacroix has just returned from America's most disliked city after cutting tracks with Geoff Gillette, a veteran of projects with Brian Wilson. He hopes to be performing his new material for A&R types in Hollywood before the year is out. On the local front, he's put together a series of events at Franklin's; the first takes place, Friday, October 18, and features the Dave Delacroix Band, Pete Nalty and the Jinns, the Novembers and King Rat. Dave's celebrating his birthday on that evening, so hoist one in his honor. In addition, Delacroix is planning a series of unplugged showcases at Arthur's on the Avenue, at 17th and Race; those interested in participating should call him at 616-5982.

Indefatigable Denver guitarist Neil Haverstick is your host for the second annual Microstock concert, Saturday, October 19, at Denver University's Lindsay Auditorium. Haverstick and his band will be playing a set showcasing 19-tone and 34-tone music, while guest performers the Catler Brothers, from New York City, are set to present tunes that feature 49 notes per octave. No doubt someone, somewhere, will be counting. The day prior to the gig, John Starrett will present a series of Microstock-inspired lectures; topics include "Why Is Bach Out of Tune?" Call 556-6380 for more information, and remember: There will be a quiz later.

Bonnie Phipps was just named Best Children's Performer by the readers of Colorado Parent magazine. Bring the tots to see her in person Sunday, October 20, at Denver Civic Theatre.

One more thing: Lourdes? Why didn't she just name her "Christ-ette" and be done with it?

On Thursday, October 17, Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers motor to Herman's Hideaway. On Friday, October 18, the Perry Weisman 3 bebop at City Spirit; the Zukes of Zydeco strike at the Gold Hill Inn; and Type O Negative draws blood at the Ogden Theatre, with Life of Agony. On Saturday, October 19, Calobo, from Portland, Oregon, visits Herman's; Grandma Jukes and Michelle & the Book of Runes go to Easy Pickins, 1950 South Holly; Baldo Rex gets hairy at the Lion's Lair; Old Bull's Needle is sharp at Seven South, with the Idiots and Mrs. Larvae; Martha's Wake swells at the Skyline Cafe, with 2 A.M.; and Acoustic Junction joins Box Set at the Fox. On Sunday, October 20, guitarist Phil Keaggy strums at Cherry Hills Community Church, 3900 East Grace Blvd.; Upstart Records signee Big Ass Truck hauls to the Lion's Lair; and Linda Maich croons at the Mercury Cafe. On Monday, October 21, superb alterna-folkie Ani DiFranco gets frank at the CU Fieldhouse, and New Zealand's Eye TV blinks at the Lion's Lair. On Tuesday, October 22, Millencolin shakes up the Mercury, and the Specials return to the Boulder Theater. And on Wednesday, October 23, Monkeyfish and Vinyl Oyster swim to the Edge. Does that show come with tartar sauce?--Michael Roberts

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